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Dr. Chadi Dahabra M.D.
Dr. Chadi Dahabra M.D.
The medical Doctor at Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med spa is Dr. Dahabra. Dr. Dahabra graduated from Medical School with Cum Laude.

Acne facials in West Palm Beach

Xeomin West Palm Beach

I found this spa while visiting Palm Beach for work. While I actually manage a 5 star spa, I specifically sought out a spa that specializes in acne facials. I was thrilled to find out Beverly Hills Med Spa is a Face Reality Acne spa which means they’re certified acne specialists and they use Face Reality products which are a game changer when it comes to treating acne. I’ve visited a Face Reality Clinic in Chicago and my usual esthetician I see in San Diego (who cleared my acne completely in 2 months and kept it away) is a Face Reality Acne Specialist as well. It’s a big deal. I was so upset to have my acne come back with the change in environment/diet/masks ect. so it was a relief when I achieved the same results with my acne facial with Lina as I do back home. Lina was super nice, very informative, knowledgeable, and did an amazing job with my extractions which were my main focus. My skin was so much clearer afterwards! Also, Ingrid at the front desk was lovely and very helpful when booking over the phone and the spa itself is super cute! I would absolutely recommend this spa to anyone struggling with acne!