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Have you been suffering from Acne for years and tried everything without seeing any results?

Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa has an extensive program to treat different kinds of Acne. Dr. Dahabra is an expert in handling different types of Acne using different protocols. We customize treatment based on your specific condition.

We are also proud to announce our Acne Treatment Center. With over 95% success rate * in clearing Acne in as little as three months. We are able to clear most of our patients in three to four months without the use of antibiotics or other conventional treatments.

Just as in other services in our center, we follow a more natural approach to treating Acne in West Palm Beach Gardens Florida. We focus on addressing the root cause of Acne while using premium products to clear our clients successfully.

We follow a protocol that is individualized for every patient. At your initial consultation, you will have a thorough evaluation of your Acne and will be given your treatment protocol that includes not only the treatment plan but also nutrition and dietary recommendations. We will also educate you on what chemicals to avoid in make-up and other skin care products that can exacerbate Acne.

Beverly Hills Wellness Center and Med Spa is located right here in West Palm Beach Gardens Florida

Pathogenesis of Acne:

Acne is the result of clogging the skin pores and accumulation of sebum. The clogged skin becomes infected with P. Acne bacteria and leads to infection and inflammation. If left untreated Acne then becomes cystic and form nodules. The treatment programs aim at targeting this pathogenesis at different stages. Keeping the skin healthy and avoiding clogging and sebum formation.

Dr. Dahabra is also an Acne scarring treatment specialist in West Palm Beach Gardens Florida (see acne scarring treatment tab). *Results may vary.

Treatment Options:

Recently more and more patients are requesting and undergoing Energy based devices treatments like Laser treatments specific for acne in West Palm Beach. There are definitely some advantages for that. Another Energy based device that showed efficacy for Acne treatment in West Palm Beach is RF microneedling. It is a great choice when the nodules and cysts of Acne are controlled. RF microneedling is then added to further improve the results of the treatment. The beauty of RF microneedling devices is that they help to reduce the size of Acne scars.
Call us to learn about your options for treatment in West Palm Beach’s Beverly Hills Wellness Center And Med Spa.

Dr. Dahabra is an Acne Treatment Specialist conveniently located in West Palm Beach Gardens Florida.

Advantages of Energy based Acne treatments:

  • Don’t require patient’s compliance
  • Don’t require systemic medications that patient can be allergic to or develop side effects
  • They work great in most cases
  • Energy is targeted only to the affected tissues

Acne Scars treatment West Palm Beach Gardens Florida

Acne can leave different kinds of scarring on the face. The process of scar creation is complex and usually results from severe forms of Acne.

Scar treatments are usually different depending on the type of scars and can range from microneedling to laser … ( see below) .

Beverly Hills Wellness Center and Med Spa is an Acne Scar treatment Center right here in West Palm Beach Gardens Florida. You can visit for more information on the condition.

Treatment Options for Acne Scars in West Palm Beach Gardens Florida

Call us to learn about your options for Acne Scar treatment at West Palm Beach’s Beverly Hills Wellness Center And Med Spa. Dr. Dahabra is an Acne Scar Treatment Specialist conveniently located close to you in West Palm Beach Gardens Florida. He will give you a free consult to evaluate your condition.

Why Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa?

  1. All our injections and Medical services are performed by a Board Certified Medical Doctor.
  2. Trust: 5-star Rating with hundreds of reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Realself thanks to our amazing customers.
  3. Honesty: we will never up sell you additional services or more expensive ones that you don’t need.
  4. Value: Rest assured that you’ll get the best value for your money as our prices are reasonable and fair.
  5. Authentic genuine products/ Unique products: we use only FDA approved medications from the USA purchased directly from the manufacturer. Also, for our signature facials, we use our products that are freshly made in house using organic ingredients!
  6. Experience: Our Doctor, Aestheticians, and staff have many years of experience.
  7. Safety: Dr. Dahabra and his staff are not only experienced on how to treat complications, they know to avoid them preemptively.
  8. Convenience: Our Spa is centrally located just a couple of minutes east of I-95 with ample private parking in the back.