Botox West Palm Beach

We use the best FDA approved neuromodulators to give you a very youthful and healthy appearance . Dr.Dahabra is an expert in creating a Natural look that will keep people guessing. We also offer different kinds of lip and cheek fillers and have different options based on your desired results.

Pricelist: We do have specials sometimes on the following items. Please make sure to ask us about SPECIALS for each month.




Dysport – $5/unit


Juvéderm – $550 per 1.0cc syringe


Juvéderm Volbella -$450 per 1.0cc syringe


Juvéderm Vollure -$650 per 1.0cc syringe


Juvéderm Volluma -$700 per 1.0cc syringe


Radiesse – $500 per 1.5cc syringe


Belotero – $450 per 1.0cc syringe

Botox specials west palm beach

As soon as you book your appointment, we will start formulating a unique plan for you immediately. Our Doctors and skin specialists will evaluate your condition to design the best strategy that fits your needs.

Botox and Dysport injections work on the muscles contractions that create fine lines and wrinkles. With these injections we can work on eyebrow shaping, reducing gummy smile, elevating nose tip and decreasing excessive sweating and many other conditions. Our facility Beverly Hills Wellness center and Med Spa in West Palm Beach, Florida is a great place to receive these injections at an affordable 

We also provide a free complimentary consultation. And if you decide to use our center, we will educate you on the most effective strategies to prevent development of new wrinkles and extend the time between the treatments.

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