When it comes to treatments, I like the ones that rejuvenate and refresh the skin like MN. Micro-needling is the process when little tiny needles make minute superficial holes in the skin. 

It is done with a MN pen that is passed over the targeted area. This process will stimulate the skin to produce all the ingredients that make the skin supple and healthy. It will also make it easy for skin products to penetrate deep into the skin and maximizes their benefits. You will definitely see improvements after each treatment.


  • • Sunlight damage
  • • Rough skin texture
  • • Wrinkles
  • • Enlarged pores
  • • All forms of Acne without pustules
  • • Acne scars
  • • Dry skin
  • • And most important it is great to enhance the penetration of your expensive skin products.

Best results

Best results are achieved after a series of 4-6 treatments. Combining this procedure with other modalities improve the end results. Depending on the indication, the use of proper skin care products in between treatments is of utmost importance.

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