Microblading Treatment

Microblade Facial


Microblading West Palm Beach Gardens is a semi-permanent eyebrow treatment completed with a unique handheld tool by an experienced Aesthetician/Artist. Individual strokes are made to mimic the look of real brow hair.

We also specialize in the latest technique called “ombre brows” for a very polished but natural look!

Old eyebrow tattoo? No problem, contact us for different options including color correction.

Our tattoo artist specialist will answer any questions you might have, discuss shape, and draw brows to give you an idea of what they could look at the end. All of this is done before committing to the final form and treatment.


Do I need a touch-up?

A first touch up is needed a few weeks after the first treatment. The yearly touch up is recommended to keep the eyebrow treatment looking sharp and fresh.

How much does the treatment cost?

We have a great promotion on the initial treatment of Microblading West Palm Beach. The average charge is around $400-500. Our promotion, for now, is more than 50% off at $200 only. This price is guaranteed as long as we are running this promotion or if you pay for the treatment ahead of time.

How much does the touch-up cost?

The charge for the touch up is 30% of whatever promotion we are running.

Does Microblading make your brows look painted?

An experienced Aesthetician will make the Microblading look natural. The strokes made with the Microblading will mimic the natural-looking hair. Microblading might look darker and painted at the beginning, but then it softens and will need the first touch up a few weeks later. When it settles, it will look natural and more like your own eyebrow and hair.