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Non Surgical Facelift in West Palm Beach Gardens

Are there other options to treat the sagging jowls and lower part of the face other than the knife?

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Best Non Surgical Facelift in West Palm Beach Gardens Fl

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Are there other options to treat the sagging jowls and lower part of the face other than the knife?

Are you ready for the knife? If the answer is yes, then start consulting with plastic surgeons. A surgical facelift will typically give the best results, but it does come at a cost in terms of recovery, side effects, downtime, price, and other social and personal obstacles. Some individuals are not ready for that option due to various personal, social, or medical condition. 

If the answer is no or not yet, this article is for you.

At one point facelift and neck lift might be the ultimate and the needed treatment. However, many medical, social, and personal reasons might make this solution not feasible.

The alternative is a liquid facelift in West Palm Beach Gardens, or a broader term is a nonsurgical facelift in West Palm Beach Gardens.

A liquid facelift uses fillers to support and lift the face. It is essential to understand that fillers are only one of the options, and other modalities are also as important.

I’ll focus here more on the advanced treatment. I am assuming you are already following a great routine skin care regimen. Please refer to other articles for a more detailed discussion of these steps.

Also, it is essential to take a look at the nonsurgical neck lift treatment as well. The face and the neck are a continuation, and treating one will affect the results and the look of the other area. In Europe, for example, they treat the neck, muscles, and fat before moving to the face. The belief is that the neck fat’s weight and the neck muscle’s pull-down create a burden on the front, and this burden will worsen the sagging and aging of the face.

Now, we move to the core of the article :

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1) Liquid facelift in West Palm Beach Gardens

With aging, we lose some of the supporting fat pads of the face. The facial ligaments weaken and sag as well. These factors will make the lower face hang and create the jowling effect. Injecting fillers into strategic locations on the upper face will support the ligaments and the tissues. There are many names and techniques to make this, and I will not go into the details of each. Each person has unique facial features and goals. So each individual needs a certain amount and injection sites that will support their/special facial features. Injecting fillers strategically into the upper face will also give a more youthful face that looks slimmer.

2) Fat-dissolving injection in West Palm Beach Gardens:

Can be achieved by injecting the brand Kybella or the generic PCDC. The active ingredient in Kybella that dissolve fat is DC which is Deoxycholic acid. PCDC is a combination of DC found in Kybella but also has PC(phosphatidylcholine), making it theoretically more effective as it has two active ingredients that work on the fat cells instead of one. Injecting these medications into the jowls and under the chin will make the jawline and chin look more snatched. The decrease in fat volume will also minimize the weight exerted on the facial skin, and the pulling effect of the weight will decrease. You must mention that you will need at least three to four injections to benefit from these medications. Injections are done 4 to 6 weeks apart.

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thread lift

3) Thread lift in West Palm Beach Gardens:

We use PDO threads or Instalift Silhouette threads in West Palm Beach Gardens. There are many vectors and directions to lift the face, and we direct the cables into the jowls, the marionette lines, and the smile lines or nasolabial folds. Thread lifting can be achieved in one session, and I usually do it gradually, starting from the jowls and then going up the face in subsequent sessions.

4) Pixel 8 in West Palm Beach Gardens:

The factors affecting RF microneedling are the practitioner’s experience and skills and the treatment’s aggressiveness. The more aggressive setting would result in more discomfort and potentially a bit of downtime, but the results would be better. The rest from RF microneedling West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, is about two days in more aggressive treatments. 

In lower settings, expect less than 24 hours. A series of 3 treatments spread one month apart would give notable results in almost all patients. Simple microneedling relies on the mechanical stimulation of the fibroblasts by the needle tips. Radiofrequency microneedling emits Energy when the needle tips are in the skin. This will make the treatment more effective and leads to faster and better results. A lot of people are aware of morpheus 8 in in West Palm Beach Gardens. Morpheus is by inmode company while Pixel 8 is by Rohrer. There are many other machine and brands that does similar mechanism. Basically these are microneedling with RF energy technologhy.

pixel 8
venus photo

5) Venus Legacy in West Palm Beach Gardens:

Venus Legacy is a radiofrequency machine. It has different treatment heads. A couple of these are helpful for the neck and face area. Venus legacy emits radiofrequency Energy. This Energy will heat the tissues under the skin. This will stimulate the fibroblast to produce collagen, and we have had positive results treating the neck area as well as the face.

6) Ablative or non-ablative fractionated laser in West Palm Beach Gardens:

The same as RF microneedling. There are many different machines on the market. An experienced provider will discuss the best option for you, depending on your goals. Overall, the more aggressive the laser settings are the more downtime, the more discomfort, the more chances of side effects, and the more expensive the treatment are, but the better the results. The less aggressive treatment will result in almost the same results, but you’ll need more treatment sessions to achieve that over time. 

The laser resurfacing in West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, can be targeted towards a specific area, or you can resurface the whole face and neck. It is important to remember again that the channel is a more sensitive area and slower to heal. It is crucial to lowering the settings of the laser compared to the face to avoid complications. 

ablative laser

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