It is the injection of special chemicals to the unsightly varicose or spider veins usually in the legs. 

The success rate is pretty high. But it is reserved for mild to moderate cases only. Dr. Dahabra will offer you a free consult to determine of you are a good candidate. The secret to success in this procedure is to obliterate not only the superficial obvious veins but also to treat the feeding veins (also called Reticular Veins).


Sclerotherapy is indicated for any uncomplicated spider or reticular veins. It is not meant to be a treatment for severe venous insufficiency.

Best results

Are achieved if the reticular veins are obliterated as well. Some other measures that can help are weight loss, smoking cessation for smokers, massages, and life style modification such as decreasing standing up and sitting for prolonged time. Leg elevation and walking around stimulate venous blood return and improves the circulation.

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