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A Guide to Botox: Non-Surgical Eyebrow Lift in West Palm Beach Gardens Florida


An experienced injector can shape and sculpt the eyebrows by strategically injecting Botox into the 11 lines and the forehead.

How is that possible?

It is achieved via understanding the anatomy and the function of the muscles in these two areas.
Botox acts by relaxing and weakening the muscle where it is injected. When Botox is injected
into a particular area, the muscle loses functionality, and relaxation happens.

Injectors also take advantage of the compensatory mechanisms of the muscles surrounding the
blocked flaccid muscle—these muscles try to compensate and help the weakening in that area.

The glabellar area muscles that form the 11 lines are used to show anger. The eyebrows pull
lower and medially for that facial expression. So injecting these muscles will cause the opposite.
The eyebrows will lift and widen, giving a fresh, awake look.

The forehead muscle (frontalis muscle) is a little bit different. In the past, we thought the muscle
was used to lift the forehead and the eyebrows. Dr. Cotofana proved that it is not that simple.
There is a functional difference in the patient’s anatomy of the forehead. The forehead muscle is
very different in each individual. Also, there is the C line or the convergence line. The C line is
an imaginary horizontal line that splits the frontalis muscle into two parts. The part below the
line is used to lift the eyebrows. So, injecting below this line will cause drooping and downward
pressure on the eyebrows. The part above the line pulls the forehead downwards. So it is
advantageous to inject the muscles above that line. Injecting Botox into this area will cause the
muscle to do the opposite: lifting the forehead and the eyebrow.

Dr. Pecora, a Brazilian Dr., also made imaginary vertical lines to define different forehead areas.
So there are three horizontal lines and seven vertical lines. This will make 21 potential points
along which Botox can be injected in the forehead; injecting along these vertical lines will
weaken the muscle along and around that line. This will force the other parts to compensate. So,
we can avoid injecting the vertical line that aligns with the eyebrow’s arch and inject the line
medial to it. This will make an arch line overreact and lift the eyebrow.

This explanation is, of course, an oversimplification to illustrate the possibility of raising the
eyebrow arch with Botox.

Individuals vary in gender, age, ethnicity, anatomy, and the goals they want to achieve.
Injecting Botox is not and shouldn’t be a cookie-cutter approach, and it is essential to look at the
goal of each person. Ensure your injector understands all these intricacies, not just inject
the units haphazardly.

Using the twenty-one technique, you’ll get better results with fewer units and fewer chances of
side effects.
Standard injection developed in the early days as a reaction to the more frequent complications
that happened in the early days of Botox injections. There was a learning curve in terms of dose
and location. The standard injection’s goal was not to achieve the best possible results. It was
meant to decrease the chances of side effects that frequently happened during the first few years
of injecting Botox cosmetically. Now, we know better, and we should inject it in a better way.
Many injectors, unfortunately, still follow the standard five-point four units for each forehead
injection. Ensure your injector is up to date with the different techniques to tailor your unique
plan and need.

Another point to consider is the muscle’s strength at all these possible injection points. A
stronger muscle will need more units. An experienced injector will palpate and observe the
forces in the forehead to maximize the effect.

Each patient has a different baseline physiologic and functional anatomy and eyebrow shape
Considering all the above points will give the patient the proper Botox injection into the
forehead. The process is called the ABC method.

ABC: assessment, bespoke, customization

The injectors need to assess the patient. Then, they must communicate the findings and treatment goal with the patient. Then, the injection should be customized

I also suggest discussing the treatment goals with your doctor, not just the number of units.
The purpose of Botox injection is the result, and injecting an arbitrary random number of Botox
units will not achieve the desired result.

It is also important to mention that the number of units injected correlates with the injection duration. Injecting less than optimal doses will also shorten the longevity of the result.
Again, an experienced injector will consider everything we have discussed so far to formulate the best
action plan.

Dr. Dahabra

Dr. Dahabra is an experienced injector at Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa in West
Palm Beach. He always gets great compliments from his patients regarding Botox
treatment. The secret is implementing all the above when he is injecting his patients. He might be
joking and injecting fast to minimize discomfort, but believe me; he is considering many points
to customize his treatment to everyone.

Make sure you book your appointment with him online or call us at (561) 318-5367.
We can’t wait to make you see what we are discussing above.

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