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Silhouette Instalift

Best Silhouette Instalift in West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida Fl

Silhouette Instalift at Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa in West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida area :

Silhouette InstaLift is an innovative type of thread lift. It is a non-surgical treatment that uses Micro-Suspension Technology™ with the help of threads’ micro cones instead of barbs in PDO lifting threads.
Silhouette Instalift helps the face by lifting the midface and cheeks. It also helps with saggy jowls by pulling them up.

How does Micro-Suspension Technology™ of Silhouette Instalift at Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa in West Palm Beach Gardens Florida area lift and volumize?

Silhouette Instalift immediately lifts your mid-facial skin and structures, including sagging cheeks and deeper nasolabial folds. It decreases the depth of the nasolabial fold giving you a more youthful look.
Silhouette Instalift also Boosts volume by activating your natural collagen production over time. This will rejuvenate the face and adds to the longevity of the threads and their lifting effect.
The threads and micro-cones are placed in the deepest layer of the skin. The bidirectional cones provide immediate and long-lasting effects. One direction serves the purpose of lifting, while the other is a suspending direction. The suspending cones keep the lifting cones in position. This also prevents the threads from migration.

The microcones and the threads are absorbed naturally by the body. Meanwhile, they stimulate natural collagen formation and synthesis for up to two years.

The highest satisfaction rate from the threads happens at the three months interval. At three months, 83% of patients found InstaLift to be effective in improving age-related changes.
This is way higher than the satisfaction rate from any other PDO threads found in the market.

What to expect?

The InstaLift procedure at Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa in West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, occurs in your physician’s office and is done in less than an hour. Plus, you’ll walk out with an immediate lift thanks to the Micro-suspension Technology™. And, over time, you’ll continue to see results as InstaLift boosts your natural collagen production, adding volume to your cheeks and mid-face. These results will be long-lasting.

You’ll meet with Dr. Dahabra or Dr. Naanaa for consultation, and during this appointment: It’s essential to be open and honest about your expectations for treatment. This will help our Doctors tailor the treatment to meet your unique needs.

Dr. Dahabra will inject a local anesthetic into the tissue just beneath your skin. Once the sutures have been inserted, Dr. Dahabra will position them precisely where they need to achieve the lift you want. This in-office procedure will take less than an hour.

Your procedure will only take under an hour at Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa in West Palm Beach, Florida. InstaLift also has minimal downtime, with most signs of treatment (ex: bruising, swelling, and tenderness at the treatment site) dissipating within 24–48 hours. It is good to take a couple of days off after the treatment. Scheduling your appointment on Friday might be a good option. This is assuming that you are off for the weekend.
You’ll notice an immediate lift in your cheeks and mid-face, thanks to InstaLift’s Micro-Suspension Technology™ at Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa in West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida area. Its bi-directional cones will keep your mid-facial skin in an elevated position. And, as time goes by, your body will stimulate its natural collagen production for a more youthful appearance and prolonged results.

Dr. Dahabr will give you post-treatment recommendations and an aftercare program to follow to ensure the best possible result. Dr. Dahabra is always there for you as well to answer all your questions and concerns.

What are the most frequent complications of thread lift? 

The best treatment for any complication is to prevent them. An experienced provider will tremendously minimize the chances of any side effects. 

Dr. Dahabra says,” experienced injectors know how to treat and deal with a complication, and more importantly, they know how to prevent or decrease the chance of it from the first place.”

The most encountered complications are :

– Skin dimpling: skin dimpling will resolve by itself in most cases. If it persists after two weeks, the provider can perform particular skin manipulation and massage to ease and treat this complication. It is essential not to try to massage the area yourself as you might loosen the threads and lose their efficacy.

– Contour irregularity happens at the beginning as the tissue adapts to the new lift. 

– Visible threads: It happens either from the patient’s fragile k skin or if the threads are placed too superficial. The thread diameter concerning the placement site is also an essential factor here. 

– Thread extrusion: This happens if the threads are not embedded correctly under the skin’s dermis.

– Infection: can be related to the patient’s immune status. Also, the threads used and the clinician’s sterile technique play a role here.

– Swelling: It is usually temporary due to the tissue’s reaction.

– Incomplete facial paralysis: this shouldn’t happen with experienced hands and proper knowledge of anatomy. Using only the FDA-cleared threads and cannula will prevent this complication.

– Hyperpigmentation: can result from traumatic insertion or the patient’s usual response to any procedure. A quick assessment, history, and physical, as well as a look at skin type, can give an idea about the potential of hyperpigmentation in the skin.

– Hematoma: should resolve by itself. Gentle insertion, arnica, and cold compressions prevent or heal hematoma quickly.

– Allergy: very rare with FDA-cleared PDO or Silhouette threads.

As you can see from the above, these complications are infrequent, and they resolve by themselves in most cases. They also can be prevented if experienced hands use only FDA-cleared products, and the last resort is to treat them properly if everything else fails.





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