Neuromodulators are chemicals that are injected into certain muscles to relax them. There are many medical and cosmetic uses of them

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are different kind of substances that are used to fill different spots in face and body to give it a fuller gorgeous look


It is the injection of special chemicals to the unsightly varicose or spider veins usually in the legs. The success rate is pretty high


There are two main types of threads. The first one act as fillers and you place them under skin. The then stimulate


Acne/Acne Scarring

We follow a very effective Acne Protocol with more than 90% success rate in clearing Acne in 3-4 months

Double Chin/Flabby Arms

Injecting kybella or other Fat dissolving Solution is very effective in areas where small fat pockets collect

Facial Wrinkles

Different treatment options include Neuromodulator injection as Botox, micro needling, PDO threads and other techniques

Hyperpigmentation/Age Spots

Some Innovative treatments can show significant improvement in as little as one session

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Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa

At Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa, we customize your experience with our Luxurious Facials.Our experienced team of Doctor, Pharmacist and Estheticians will select the perfect skincare regimen for you based on your concerns and skincare needs.

Choose your treatment room for an ultimate Celebrity experience. Each room carries a different experience that will make you feel like you have escaped to nature’s haven.

Beverly Hills Wellness Center and Med Spa’s mission is to always be the best Med Spa in the West Palm Beach area and to provide you with an unforgettable experience!

Here Science meets

At Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa we believe in providing you with a celebrity experience at affordable prices.

We strongly believe in the healing power of Nature and that is why we carefully handcraft our skin care products. We select the Most Natural and organic ingredients to provide the best results possible.

Besides very few highly effective products that were carefully selected, our facial products are house made using natural and organic ingredients. Dr. Naanaa handcrafts each product using different oils, hydrosols, essential oils as well as high performance ingredients to create premium quality products that you won’t find anywhere else. Come experience our one of a kind facials and indulge all your senses at Beverly hills Wellness Center & Med Spa.

You will be amazed once you visit our spa and see everything that we have to offer including a large retail area with a big selection of herbs, supplements, and quality skincare products.

We also offer innovative advancements in technology as well including the latest and most effective skin care equipment. Our Medical Spa in West Palm Beach is popular for its diverse and innovative approaches to all skin types. We will provide you with the best spa experience like you’ve never had before

Beverly Hills Med Spa : Celebrity Treatments in the Palm Beaches

Spa in West Palm Beach, Fl

Our Med Spa center services in West Palm Beach are performed by our expert team member Dr. Chadi Dahabra.  Talent and experience have given Dr. Dahabra gifted hands that help him achieve very Natural results with minimal discomfort.

We offer numerous services including non surgical face-lifting, Botox and other neuromodulator injections, Acne and Acne scarring treatments, chemical peeling, thread lifting, PRF, skin tightening using different techniques, micro needling, and many more procedures.

We are also proud to be your destination “House of Facials”. Unlike any other experience you had before, we have a wide selection of luxury facial treatments using high quality ingredients and state of the art equipment.

We have numerous packages at special prices and we offer many discounts for our regular clients. You can easily book your appointment online or by calling us. You can also book a tour to get a look at our Medical Spa in West Palm Beach. We want our clients to be comfortable and we shy away from hard sales techniques. We offer a free consultation to clients using a very advances skin imaging analyzer to evaluate skin conditions before starting the treatments.



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We thrive to be one of the best Medical Spas in West Palm Beach, Florida. Actually, our mission is to be THE BEST MEDICAL SPA IN WEST PALM BEACH. If you have any questions, then please call us at (561)318-5367 or email us at