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Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa is a locally owned and operated Med Spa and wellness center in West Palm Beach.  We are proud to state that our luxurious facility is unique in many aspects.

The best medical spa in West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Fl.

We are nature lovers and believe strongly in organic and natural ingredients’ beauty and healing power.  That’s why it took us a year to design a nature inspired center.  Our treatment rooms are designed to represent elements of nature (Fire, Earth, Air, and Water).

We are also proud to offer our one-of-a-kind beauty bar, where Dr. Naanaa prepares customized skin care products based on your individual needs using organic ingredients.

Beverly Hills Wellness and Med Spa reception area

Services We Offer

Threads - Beverly Hills Wellness Center and Med Spa


There are two main types of threads.  The first one acts as fillers and you place them under skin.


Radiofrequencey Microneedling - Beverly Hills Wellness Center and Med Spa


Bi-Polar Radiofrequency system that will disperse micro needles deep within the dermis to produce.

Bella Fill Dermal Filler - Beverly Hills Wellness Center and Med Spa


Bellyful contains collagen, which is a natural substance found in the skin’s structures.

Enhance Your Beauty

acne scarring - Beverly Hills Wellness Center and Med Spa


We follow a very effective Acne Protocol with more than 90% success rate in clearing Acne in 3-4 months.

Doubl chin - Beverly Hills Wellness Center and Med Spa


Injecting kybella or other Fat dissolving solution is very effective in areas where small fat pockets collect.

facial forehead wrinkles - Beverly Hills Wellness Center and Med Spa


Different treatment options include Neuromodulator injection as Botox, micro needling, and PDO threads.

Our Specialists

Dr. Chadi Dahabra - Medical Doctor

Chadi Dahabra M.D.

The medical Doctor at Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med spa is Dr. Dahabra. Dr. Dahabra graduated from Medical School with Cum Laude. He went on to do medical residency training at the University of Miami/Jackson memorial hospital where he graduated as one of the tops in his class. Dr. Dahabra is multi-board certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties.

Majda Naanaa PharmD

Cofounder of Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa . Dr. Naanaa received her Doctorate degree in pharmacy from Palm Beach Atlantic University. She went on to open her own compounding pharmacy that specializes in making special medications such as hormone replacement therapy and vet medications. After that , she worked at a clinical research company studying.

Dr. Majda Naanaa - Doctor in Pharmacy
Sheila - Aesthetic professional expert


Sheila started off in the beauty industry 16 years ago as a make-up artist for a photo studio, followed by Merle Norman Cosmetics. While working there she was intrigued by-products to actually treat the skin before slapping on the make-up. This is where her love and passion for skincare grew. From there Sheila graduated Aesthetic school in 2008.

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We thrive to be one of the best Medical Spas in West Palm Beach, Florida. Actually, our mission is to be THE BEST MEDICAL SPA IN WEST PALM BEACH. If you have any questions, then please call us at (561)318-5367 or email us at info@beverlyhillsmedispa.com