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Liquid Nose Job in West Palm Beach, FL


Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa in West Palm Beach Presents: Liquid Rhinoplasty

Discover the modern art of Liquid Rhinoplasty – an innovative, non-surgical approach to reshaping the nose. Commonly referred to as a non-surgical nose job, this transformative procedure uses dermal fillers to revamp the nasal profile without incisions or lengthy recovery.
Our West Palm Beach experts are at the forefront of this aesthetic revolution. Backed by extensive knowledge and a legacy of achievements, we offer a tailored experience, ensuring results that radiate natural beauty.

Why Choose Liquid Rhinoplasty at Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa?

  • Minimally Invasive: No incisions or surgery involved.
  • Comfort: Minimal discomfort throughout the process.
  • Customization: Address aesthetic concerns such as smoothing nasal humps, elevating nose tips, and refining crooked noses.
  • Quick Results: Achieve a rejuvenated look in less time than traditional methods.
  • Affordability: Competitive pricing tailored to your needs.

What to Expect During the Procedure

Using trusted fillers like JUVÉDERM® and Restylane®, our specialists skillfully inject targeted regions of the nose. Designed for comfort, the procedure employs local or topical anesthesia, wrapping up in about 30 minutes. Most clients return to their regular activities immediately post-procedure.

Post-Treatment Care

Post-procedure effects like swelling are minimal, with bruising being a rarity. Should they occur, they dissipate rapidly. Generally, there are no restrictions, but we suggest a few hours of rest before engaging in strenuous activities.

Duration of Results

Immediately noticeable results can last from two to three years. To sustain these results, periodic touch-ups are recommended.

Investment in Liquid Rhinoplasty

Prices start around $750, subject to the specific fillers chosen, areas treated, and number of injections. Being a cosmetic procedure, traditional health insurance doesn’t cover it. However, Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa offers flexible financing options like credit care, making it an accessible choice for many.

What Are the Benefits of Liquid Rhinoplasty?

1. Non-Invasive Procedure: One of the main draws of Liquid Rhinoplasty is that it doesn’t involve surgery. This means no scalpel, no stitches, and, importantly, fewer associated risks than traditional surgery.

2. Swift Recovery: Unlike surgical rhinoplasty, which can require weeks of recovery, the liquid version allows most patients to return to their regular activities immediately.

3. Instant Results: You don’t have to wait to see your new nose take shape. The results of Liquid Rhinoplasty are almost immediate, allowing clients to leave our spa with renewed confidence.

4. Reversible & Adjustable: If needed, hyaluronic acid-based fillers can reverse the procedure. This flexibility ensures that our clients always have control over their desired aesthetic outcome.

5. Cost-Effective: Compared to a traditional nose job, Liquid Rhinoplasty often comes with a smaller price tag, providing a more accessible option for many.

How Is the Liquid Rhinoplasty Procedure Performed?

Step 1: Consultation: Our Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa experts in West Palm Beach will thoroughly consult before the procedure. This ensures a clear understanding of your goals and the results you’re hoping to achieve.

Step 2: Anesthesia: A local or topical anesthetic is applied to numb the area. This ensures minimal discomfort during the procedure.

Step 3: Filler Selection: A suitable filler is selected based on the client’s unique needs and the desired aesthetic. Favorites include JUVÉDERM® and Restylane® due to their efficacy and reliability.

Step 4: Precise Injections: Using a fine needle, the chosen dermal filler is meticulously injected into the targeted areas of the nose. This could be to smooth a bump, lift the tip, or straighten the bridge.

Step 5: Sculpting: Post-injection, the expert may mold the filler gently to ensure the perfect shape, ensuring the product settles as desired.

Step 6: Observation: A short post-procedure observation ensures no immediate side effects and clients are happy with their results.

Step 7: Post-Procedure Guidance: Aftercare recommendations will be provided, ensuring that results are maintained for as long as possible.

Liquid Rhinoplasty at Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa offers an efficient, effective, and exciting avenue to nose reshaping, aligning modern aesthetics with our fast-paced world. This could be the perfect option if you’re considering reshaping your nose.


Danielle Long
Danielle Long
October 11, 2023
I had my first ever Botox injections today with Dr. Dahabra. From the moment I walked through the door the staff were fantastic and made me feel welcomed. Dr. Dahabra answered all of my questions and was wonderful with easing my first-timer jitters. Turns out Botox does not hurt nearly as bad as I was expecting, or maybe Dr. Dahabra is just that good. Results are still pending, but I had a great experience and will definitely return for other services.
aubrey keplin
aubrey keplin
October 5, 2023
Lauren K was the best! She was very accommodating to my schedule and made me feel confident and comfortable in my treatment! I drove all the way from Fort Lauderdale to WPB to go to her and I would make the drive every time!!
Iliyana Buhtiyarova
Iliyana Buhtiyarova
September 30, 2023
Absolutely love this place! Very clean and neat. The staff is very kind, Dr Dhabra is so kind, gentle and professional. His skills are far beyond my expectations!! I did my first time Botox and I am so happy I put my trust in him. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The only place that has so many positive reviews that are actually accurate!! Can’t wait to use more services there.
Esmira gheisary
Esmira gheisary
September 28, 2023
The best MedSpa salon with very professional and friendly stuff. Thank you!
Page Weinstein
Page Weinstein
September 23, 2023
I love this place! I am deathly afraid of needles (I actually pass out every time) but the Dr. is so amazing! He is so professional, patient with me and amazing in his care! I have been going here for years, even when I moved away to Pennsylvania, I still come back to get my Botox done here! I highly recommend!
Sasha A.
Sasha A.
September 19, 2023
I’ve been coming to Beverly Hills Wellness for 2 years now and working with Lena. About a year ago, I started getting the worse acne I’ve ever had in my adult life. Lena evaluated my face and suggested a few facial treatments to remove the acne and clear my skin. Fast forward to a year later now, my skin has returned to its normal smooth texture and I rarely get any breakouts. I accomplished all this my religiously coming every month and working with Lena. She’s a lifesaver that completely saved my skin when I didn’t know what else to do! BHWC is my go to for all my beauty treatments now! Love it!

Top FAQs About Liquid Rhinoplasty Answered

Liquid Rhinoplasty has gained immense popularity as a non-surgical solution to reshape and enhance the nose’s appearance. Given its growing demand, many have questions about the procedure. In this article, we’ll address the ten most frequently asked questions about Liquid Rhinoplasty to provide clarity to those considering it.

Q1: Is the Procedure Permanent?

No, Liquid Rhinoplasty is a temporary solution. The results typically last between 6 months to 2 years, depending on the type of filler used and individual factors like metabolism. Over time, the body naturally absorbs the filler. For prolonged results, periodic touch-up sessions are recommended.

Q2: Are There Any Risks Involved?

All medical procedures come with some level of risk. However, when performed by experienced professionals, Liquid Rhinoplasty is considered safe. Potential side effects may include swelling, redness, bruising, or asymmetry. In rare cases, complications like filler migration or vascular compromise can occur. Thus, choosing a reputable clinic is essential.

Q3: Does the Procedure Hurt?

Most patients report minimal discomfort during Liquid Rhinoplasty. Topical or local anesthesia is applied to numb the treatment area, making the experience relatively painless. There might be slight sensitivity post-procedure, but it typically subsides within a day or two.

Q4: How Long Does the Procedure Take?

One of the significant advantages of Liquid Rhinoplasty is its quickness. The entire procedure can be completed in 15 to 30 minutes, making it a feasible option even during a lunch break!

Q5: How Soon Can I Return to Normal Activities?

Recovery from Liquid Rhinoplasty is swift. Most patients can resume their daily activities immediately after the procedure. However, avoiding strenuous exercise, heavy lifting, and excessive sun exposure is recommended for at least 24-48 hours post-treatment.

Q6: How Much Does Liquid Rhinoplasty Cost?

The cost of Liquid Rhinoplasty can vary based on geographic location, the expertise of the practitioner, and the type and amount of filler used. On average, prices can start from $750 in our clinic. Prioritizing expertise over cost is essential to ensure optimal results and safety. You get both at our clinic, which is very unusual compared to other places.

Q7: Can I Reverse the Results if I’m Unhappy?

One of the benefits of hyaluronic acid-based fillers, commonly used in Liquid Rhinoplasty, is their reversibility. If a patient is dissatisfied with the results, an enzyme called hyaluronidase can be injected to dissolve the filler, returning the nose to its previous state.

Q8: Are the Results Comparable to Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Liquid Rhinoplasty provides excellent results for those looking for subtle enhancements. However, it cannot replicate all the outcomes of surgical rhinoplasty. Surgical procedures can reduce nose size, rectify significant deformities, and address internal structural issues. Liquid Rhinoplasty is ideal for individuals seeking minor refinements without the commitment of surgery. A liquid nose job works best to straighten out the nose’s profile.

Q9: Who is the Ideal Candidate for Liquid Rhinoplasty?

Anyone in reasonable health who seeks to correct minor cosmetic imperfections in their nose may consider Liquid Rhinoplasty. It’s also an excellent option for those hesitant about surgical rhinoplasty or who want to “test” potential changes before committing to surgery. However, a thorough consultation with a professional is crucial to determine candidacy.

Q10: How is a liquid nose job different from surgical rhinoplasty?

A liquid nose job uses injectable fillers to change the nose’s shape subtly. At the same time, surgical rhinoplasty is an invasive procedure that might involve altering the bone, cartilage, and soft tissues of the nose for a more significant and permanent reshaping. Surgical rhinoplasty requires anesthesia, involves incisions, has a more extended recovery period, and carries surgical risks such as scarring or complications from anesthesia. In contrast, a liquid nose job is quick, minimally invasive, and has a faster recovery time.

Q11: Can a liquid nose job fix any nasal deformity?

No, the scope of a liquid nose job is limited. It can address minor cosmetic issues like smoothing small bumps, filling depressions, or lifting a droopy nasal tip. However, surgical intervention is required for significant humps, crooked noses, or structural problems like a deviated septum that affects breathing. Furthermore, a liquid nose job adds volume, so it cannot make a nose more minor or refined.

Q12: Can I still get a surgical rhinoplasty after a liquid nose job?

Yes, you can. However, ensuring the filler has thoroughly dissolved before undergoing surgical rhinoplasty is crucial. The filler can interfere with the surgical procedure and affect the final results. It’s also essential to discuss your medical history, including any non-surgical procedures like a liquid nose job, with your surgeon during the consultation.

Q13: Can I wear glasses after the procedure?

It’s recommended to avoid putting pressure on the nose for a few days after a liquid nose job. This means you should be cautious when wearing glasses or sunglasses, as they can apply pressure and potentially cause the filler to shift. If glasses are essential for daily activities, consider wearing lighter frames or switching to contacts temporarily.

Q14: Will it affect my breathing?

A liquid nose job primarily focuses on the external appearance of the nose and doesn’t typically impact the internal structures responsible for breathing. However, in rare instances, if too much filler is injected or placed incorrectly, it might cause temporary breathing issues. Always ensure a qualified professional performs the procedure to minimize such risks.

Q15: Can I combine a liquid nose job with other procedures?

Indeed, many individuals opt for a combination of non-surgical treatments for more comprehensive facial rejuvenation. This could include Botox for wrinkle reduction, lip fillers for fuller lips, or cheek fillers for enhanced facial contours. Combining treatments often provide a harmonious and balanced result.

Q16: Is there an age requirement for this procedure?

Generally, non-surgical cosmetic procedures like liquid nose jobs are not recommended for individuals under 18, as facial development might remain ongoing. Each individual’s needs and suitability for the procedure should be assessed in a medical consultation. Some practitioners may advise older patients to opt for surgical alternatives, depending on the desired outcome and skin elasticity.

Q17: Can the filler migrate or move after the procedure?

While rare, filler migration is possible, mainly if excessive pressure is applied to the treated area soon after the procedure. This can result in an uneven or asymmetrical appearance. To prevent this, it’s essential to follow post-procedure care guidelines provided by the practitioner, such as avoiding vigorous facial massage or sleeping on the face for a few days after the treatment.


Liquid Rhinoplasty is revolutionizing the world of cosmetic enhancements, offering a swift, minimally invasive option to reshape the nose. As with any procedure, it’s paramount to do thorough research and consult with a seasoned professional. Liquid Rhinoplasty might be the perfect solution for those looking to make subtle changes to their nasal appearance without the downtime and permanence of surgery.

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