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The best Kybella in West Palm Beach Gardens Florida, Fl

Kybella West Palm Beach Gardens Florida is injecting Deoxycholic acid into the body and face to dissolve fat. DC “Deoxycholic acid” is a substance that usually the gall bladder secretes when we eat fatty food. Its job is to decompose the fat we eat so it can be absorbed. Scientists found the benefit of this substance, and research leads to the discovery and clinical application of Kybella(the brand name of this medication).

PCDC is an abbreviation of Phosphatidylcholine Deoxycholic acid. It is the generic alternative to Kybella. In theory, it is even more effective than Kybella. It has two powerful medications to dissolve fat. Phosphatidylcholine is another substance that also assists in disposing of fat and adds to the effect of DC. Another great advantage of Kybella is cost. PCDC is more cost-effective than Kybella without compromising quality or results. Take to your doctor about the difference. Unfortunately, some practices inject PCDC and charge patients Kybella price. They don’t pass the cost savings to the patients.

PCDC West Palm Beach Gardens Florida is a compounded medication that your physician can order from the pharmacy.

Both Kybella and PCDC are excellent medications that can dissolve fat pockets.

Both Kybella and PCDC are one form of Mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is a general term of the practice of injecting medication into or under the skin. In this sense, Kybella is a form of Mesotherapy in West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

In Europe, Mesotherapy is even more advanced and widespread. They inject different substances into the skin. Some of these are Vitamins and Hyaluronic acid.

  • Indications of Kybella in West Palm Beach Gardens
  • Florida
  • Treatment of Double Chin
  • Reduction of Love Handles
  • Jowl Reduction (Laxity in Jaw)
  • Treatment of Saddle Bag areas under lower eyelids
  • Bra Strap area
  • Buffalo Hump
  • Hips
  • Inner thighs
  • Arm wings
  • And any other places in the body with a local fat pocket

Best results for wrinkle reduction

The success rate of Kybella West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, is moderate to high when used for the appropriate indication. The same can be said about PCDC as well. Most patient will see “significant improvement.” which are achieved after three to six sessions depending on the size of the area and the desired goal. The result is usually visible in a couple of weeks. It is great to combine this modality with the Medical Weight Loss program. Any gain in weight during the treatment phase will compromise the final result.

Also, the area treated might need tightening after with different treatment modalities such as:





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