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IV Hydration

IV Hydration West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida Fl

Infusing saline or lactate ringers into the bloodstream is the basic IV Infusion. Injecting fluid directly into the bloodstream will ensure you receive all the volume and bypass any absorption problem.

The indication for this kind of therapy can be as simple as the desire to feel adequately Hydrated. It is also used to replenish any fluid loss from excessive exercising or exposure to heat from the sun, working outdoors, or in a warm place.

This type of intravenous hydration in West Palm Beach Gardens might be needed to replenish fluid from any acute disease resulting in dehydration. Illnesses that cause severe or prolonged diarrhea or the ones that cause severe vomiting will deplete your body of fluids.

It is crucial to mention that although it sounds simple, this treatment can be life-saving and life-threatening in some cases.

This is why getting this kind of treatment at professional centers is very important.

The provider will assess you and check your vital signs in these instances. The provider will decide then if it is proper to receive this kind of treatment in a clinic setting or if you need to go to urgent care or even an emergency room. 

Some conditions that lead to dehydration in West Palm Beach Gardens will require further immediate testing and other treatments, such as antibiotics.

A trained healthcare professional will make a massive difference in this instance.

Vital signs are vital to document depending on the patient’s history and the need for this kind of treatment. 

Dehydration will cause a drop in blood pressure as well as an increase in heart rate or what we call tachycardia. An elevated temperature is also an ominous sign and might necessitate a transfer to an emergency room.

The fluid infusion in West Palm Beach Gardens use and the amount used will also differ from one patient to another.

Dr. Dahabra is a board-certified pediatric anesthesiologist. He is well-versed in fluid management for all ages. At the hospital, he treats all ages, and his patient population ranges from premature babies to senior patients.

We can also treat and hydrate pediatric patients if Dr. Dahabra feels it is appropriate and adequate to do so in a clinical setting. Otherwise, he’ll refer you to another facility.

If you are a good candidate, hydration at the clinic might save you an expensive visit to the ER.

Dr. Dahabra or one of his trained professionals will review your past and present medical history, examine your systems, check any signs or symptoms of a disease, and perform a focused physical exam. 

Your vital signs will be recorded as well.

We will consider all these to determine the best course for you or your loved ones. 

We are here to answer all your question.

Contact us at (561)318-5367 to schedule your next hydration session.

Acne Scars treatment West Palm Beach Gardens Florida

Acne can leave different kinds of scarring on the face. The process of scar creation is complex and usually results from severe forms of Acne.

Scar treatments are usually different depending on the type of scars and can range from microneedling to laser … ( see below) .

Beverly Hills Wellness Center and Med Spa is an Acne Scar treatment Center right here in West Palm Beach Gardens Florida. You can visit for more information on the condition.

Treatment Options for Acne Scars in West Palm Beach Gardens Florida

Call us to learn about your options for Acne Scar treatment at West Palm Beach’s Beverly Hills Wellness Center And Med Spa. Dr. Dahabra is an Acne Scar Treatment Specialist conveniently located close to you in West Palm Beach Gardens Florida. He will give you a free consult to evaluate your condition.





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