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Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser Hair Removal in West Palm Beach

If you have had enough of shaving, waxing, or tweezing your unwanted hair, and are looking for other solutions, then laser hair removal may be a more comfortable alternative for you.

Laser Hair Removal in West Palm Beach – How it Works

Hair growth occurs in 3 phases:

  1. Anagen – the period of the strongest growth

  2. Catagen – the transitional stage when hair loosens from the follicle

  3. Telogen – hair detaches from the follicle and is replaced by new hair growth

The entire cycle, from anagen to telogen and back again, takes around 150-days (sometimes a little longer).

Laser hair removal interrupts the anagen stage because the pulse of the laser destroys the follicles where the hair is the strongest. The lengthy hair growth cycle is the reason you will need successive laser hair removal treatment every month or about every four weeks.

Each session will destroy more of the hair follicles in the target area, and after you have received between four to six treatments, you should be able to enjoy smooth, hairless skin for an extended period.

How Do Laser Treatment Hair Removal Costs Compare?

The cost of laser hair removal may seem expensive at first, but it’s essential to look at the numbers in detail so you can get an idea of the big picture.

A woman will spend, on average, around $12,000 on shaving – razors, blades, and shaving cream soon add up. One must also consider the time spent shaving to get an accurate cost.

Each laser hair removal treatment lasts around 30-minutes each. When you eliminate the time needed for shaving as well as remove the cost of shaving accessories, laser hair removal at West Palm Beach is the more cost-effective solution for superior, long-lasting results.

Laser hair removal is a straightforward treatment requiring multiple sessions for long-term results. Visit your laser hair removal, West Palm Beach clinic to discuss your options and learn if it is the best hair removal system for you.

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