Our Valuable Customers' Treatments Gallery
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These images are real ones of our clients at our Spa” (Some of the other images on the site might be for demonstration purpose only.

Lip Augmentation/Lip Filler after One Syringe

This lady received only one Syringe of HA filler to Augment her lips

Cheek augmentation with 2 syringes of Voluma

Under eye wrinkles after One Plasma Fibroblast Pen Treatment

This is me Dr. Dahabra showing the wrinkles before treatment. The second one is just after the procedure. The third one is taken exactly one week after treatment. Please visit also our Fibroblast Plasma Pen page under services to get more information and to watch video clip of the procedure. 

Syringe of Versa to Lips

Temporal Area Depression

Smile Line Syringe of Radiesse