IV Types

Optimize your health & wellness with our IV drips, Boosters, and Shots.

Choose one of the following:

Immune Boost

Contains Vitamin

C + B Vit Complex + Zinc


Only $135 with Subscription

Immune Boost Plus

Contains Immune Boost and Mineral Mix (Manganese/ Copper/ Magnesium/ Selenium)


Only $153 with Subscription

Super Immune Boost

Immune Boost Plus and Amino acid blend (Glutamine/ Arginine/ Ornithine/ lysine/ Citrulline/ Carnitine)


Only $162 with Subscription

IV Iron Infusion

Contains 200 mg of IV Iron mixed in 100-250 cc NS


Only $360 with Subscription

Inner Beauty

Contains Ascorbic Acid, B Vitamin Complex, and Biotin


Only $157 with Subscription

Myer's Cocktail aka Banana Bag

Contains Vit. C, B Vit. Complex, and Minerals


Only $135 with Subscription

NAD Infusion

Great for antiagin
and Energy Boost

$400 for 250mg
$600 for 500mg

Only $360 & $540
with Subscription


Contains B Vit. Complex , Mineral Blend , Zofran , Pepcid , and +/- Toradol


Only $180 with Subscription

Receive hydrating fluid as Normal Saline or Lactated Ringers directly into your bloodstream
A monthly subscription covers it, along with a free Booster shot