RHAⓇ in West Palm Beach, FL

Tailored to Harmonize with Facial Expressions

Your face is in constant motion, portraying a myriad of expressions every day. These frequent movements can lead to dynamic wrinkles and creases, whether a smile or a simple conversation.

Addressing these wrinkles effectively is challenging as the face needs flexibility. Some treatments cause the targeted areas to seem rigid, taking away from the natural motion of your face.

Enter the RHA® Collection – a revolutionary approach. Its unique design ensures it can seamlessly integrate with your dynamic facial movements, offering beauty both in stillness and activity.

Danielle Long
Danielle Long
October 11, 2023
I had my first ever Botox injections today with Dr. Dahabra. From the moment I walked through the door the staff were fantastic and made me feel welcomed. Dr. Dahabra answered all of my questions and was wonderful with easing my first-timer jitters. Turns out Botox does not hurt nearly as bad as I was expecting, or maybe Dr. Dahabra is just that good. Results are still pending, but I had a great experience and will definitely return for other services.
aubrey keplin
aubrey keplin
October 5, 2023
Lauren K was the best! She was very accommodating to my schedule and made me feel confident and comfortable in my treatment! I drove all the way from Fort Lauderdale to WPB to go to her and I would make the drive every time!!
Iliyana Buhtiyarova
Iliyana Buhtiyarova
September 30, 2023
Absolutely love this place! Very clean and neat. The staff is very kind, Dr Dhabra is so kind, gentle and professional. His skills are far beyond my expectations!! I did my first time Botox and I am so happy I put my trust in him. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The only place that has so many positive reviews that are actually accurate!! Can’t wait to use more services there.
Esmira gheisary
Esmira gheisary
September 28, 2023
The best MedSpa salon with very professional and friendly stuff. Thank you!
Page Weinstein
Page Weinstein
September 23, 2023
I love this place! I am deathly afraid of needles (I actually pass out every time) but the Dr. is so amazing! He is so professional, patient with me and amazing in his care! I have been going here for years, even when I moved away to Pennsylvania, I still come back to get my Botox done here! I highly recommend!
Sasha A.
Sasha A.
September 19, 2023
I’ve been coming to Beverly Hills Wellness for 2 years now and working with Lena. About a year ago, I started getting the worse acne I’ve ever had in my adult life. Lena evaluated my face and suggested a few facial treatments to remove the acne and clear my skin. Fast forward to a year later now, my skin has returned to its normal smooth texture and I rarely get any breakouts. I accomplished all this my religiously coming every month and working with Lena. She’s a lifesaver that completely saved my skin when I didn’t know what else to do! BHWC is my go to for all my beauty treatments now! Love it!


Did you know your skin possesses hyaluronic acid (HA) naturally? This element bestows your skin with hydration, volume, and a framework that ensures it remains rejuvenated and radiant. However, as time progresses, our skin’s HA content diminishes.

That’s where the RHA® Collection stands out. With its mild production method, it aims to conserve the intrinsic architecture of HA. This ensures that it mirrors the natural HA in your skin, ushering in genuine beauty.


Discover solutions tailored to your unique skincare needs at Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa in West Palm Beach. Our durable fillers offer longevity, enduring up to 15 months for dynamic wrinkles and creases and an impressive year for lipstick lines. Trust our experts to craft a personalized treatment strategy to achieve your aspirations.


RHA® Redensity™

“Feather-light filler to seamlessly soften fine lines around the lips at Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa in West Palm Beach.”


RHA® 2 and RHA® 3

“Sophisticated and subtle enhancements for those desiring a gentle, authentic appearance.”


RHA® 4

“Boost your natural fullness for pronounced wrinkles and lines.”


Introduction to the World of RHAⓇ Fillers

We’re in a revolutionary era of cosmetic procedures. The name at the forefront? Restylane’s RHA® Fillers.


Why West Palm Beach Loves RHA® Fillers

West Palm Beach residents have an inherent love for aesthetics and a desire for authenticity. RHA® fillers offer both – a natural-looking enhancement that complements the vibrant and youthful energy of the beach locale. In an environment that thrives on perfection, RHA® fillers bring a touch of flawless beauty that feels as good as it looks.


How does one stand out in a place known for its radiant beauty?

In West Palm Beach, where radiant beauty is the norm, uniqueness is the key to standing out. RHA® fillers offer that distinctive touch, providing enhancements that don’t just elevate beauty but preserve individuality. They don’t transform; they refine, making them the first choice for those looking to shine in a sea of stunning faces.


The Aesthetic Demands of the Sunshine State

Florida’s warm sunshine, year-round, emphasizes the need for enduring beauty solutions. With the sun’s harsh rays and the region’s active lifestyle, the demand for aesthetic treatments that can withstand these elements is ever-present. With their resilience and adaptability, RHA® fillers fit perfectly within this landscape.


Trendsetting in Cosmetic Procedures

West Palm Beach isn’t just a vacation hub; it’s a trendsetter in cosmetic enhancements. Here, beauty goes beyond the superficial. It’s about innovative solutions that stand the test of time. As a groundbreaking solution, RHA® fillers naturally align with the city’s forward-thinking beauty ethos.


What Makes the Restylane Filler Family Unique?

The Restylane filler family is renowned for its tailored solutions. There’s a specific product for every need, from volumizing cheeks to smoothing out wrinkles. Their hyaluronic acid-based formulations are designed to integrate seamlessly with the skin, offering subtle and significant enhancements.


Tailored to Natural Movements

RHA® fillers are a game-changer in how they mimic the skin’s natural movements. Unlike fillers that might restrict expression or look stiff, RHA® products move fluidly with your facial expressions. This means laughing, frowning, or smiling without any awkward stiffness – just genuine, unfiltered emotion.


Unparalleled Longevity

Longevity is a hallmark of RHA® fillers. While many fillers may offer temporary solutions, RHA® promises lasting results. This means fewer touch-ups and more extended periods of enjoying that rejuvenated look.


Safety and Biocompatibility

RHA® fillers prioritize safety. Made from biocompatible hyaluronic acid, these fillers minimize allergic reactions and integrate harmoniously with the skin, ensuring that the enhancement process is as secure as it is effective.


Broad Range for Varied Needs

The RHA® line is expansive, catering to diverse aesthetic needs. Whether you’re looking for a subtle lip enhancement or a more pronounced cheek fill, there’s a product tailored for you.


Comparing RHAⓇ Fillers to Traditional Fillers

Traditional fillers have merits, but RHA® fillers come ahead in adaptability, longevity, and natural feel. While most fillers can volumize or smooth, RHA®’s resilience offers a dual benefit of enhancement plus genuine movement.


Consistency and Versatility

RHA® fillers are consistent in their performance. Their versatility ensures that the results are uniformly outstanding, whether treating dynamic wrinkles or adding volume to static areas.


Adaptable to Individual Needs

Every face tells a story, and RHA® fillers ensure your story remains uniquely yours. They adapt, rather than change, enhancing your natural features while preserving the essence of who you are.


Getting RHA® fillers is a streamlined process. After an initial consultation, the actual procedure is quick, often completed within an hour. With minimal discomfort and downtime, it’s a lunchtime procedure for many.


Post-procedure Care and Tips

After the procedure, avoiding sun exposure, rigorous exercise, and avoiding touching the treated area for the first 24 hours is crucial. This ensures the fillers settle well and minor side effects like swelling quickly subside.


Are RHAⓇ Fillers Right for You?

While RHA® fillers are versatile, they may only be suitable for some. Consider your aesthetic goals, discuss them with a specialist, and ensure that RHA® aligns with what you envision for yourself.


Consulting a Specialist

An expert consultation can make all the difference. The Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa team in West Palm Beach ensures that your journey with RHA® fillers is transformative and safe.


Consulting a Specialist

Before diving into any procedure, consulting with the experts is always best. And who is better than Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa?



The future of fillers is here, and it’s brighter than ever.


Isn’t it time you discovered what RHA® fillers can do for you? Call Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa in West Palm Beach at (561) 318-5367 to book an appointment today.



Q1: What are RHAⓇ Fillers?

RHAⓇ fillers, or Resilient Hyaluronic Acid fillers, represent a new generation of dermal fillers. They’re uniquely designed to adapt to the dynamic demands of the face, allowing them to move naturally with your facial expressions, ensuring a more seamless and natural look.


Q2: How long do they last?

RHAⓇ fillers offer a lasting effect. Depending on the specific product used and the area treated, their effects can persist anywhere from 12 to 15 months, providing a more extended rejuvenation than many traditional fillers.


Q3: Are there any side effects?

As with any injectable procedure, there can be side effects. Common side effects include redness, swelling, pain, or bruising at the injection site. However, these are typically minimal and resolve independently within a few days.


Q4: How is the RHAⓇ series different from other Restylane products?

The RHAⓇ series stands out because of its unique manufacturing process, which preserves the natural structure of the hyaluronic acid, giving it superior adaptability and resilience. This makes it especially suited for dynamic wrinkles and folds.


Q5: How soon can I see the results?

The beauty of RHAⓇ fillers is the almost immediate gratification they provide. Initial results can be seen right after the procedure, with optimal outcomes becoming more evident after any swelling or redness subsides, usually within a week.


Q6: Is the procedure painful?

Most patients describe the sensation as a mild pinch or pressure. The fillers often contain local anesthetic lidocaine to minimize discomfort during the procedure. Furthermore, topical numbing creams can be applied beforehand to enhance comfort.


Q7: Can I return to my regular activities after the procedure?

Yes, RHAⓇ fillers come with the advantage of minimal downtime. Most individuals can resume their regular activities almost immediately. However, it’s advisable to avoid strenuous exercise, sun exposure, and alcohol for 24 hours post-procedure.


Q8: How much do RHAⓇ fillers cost?

The cost can vary based on the specific product, the volume needed, and the region being treated. For a detailed estimate, it’s always best to consult directly with the treatment provider.


Q9: Are RHAⓇ fillers safe for all skin types?

Generally, RHAⓇ fillers have been found safe for all skin types. Nevertheless, individual consultations are crucial as certain skin conditions, or allergies might dictate the best course of action.


Q10: What areas can RHAⓇ fillers treat?

These filters are highly versatile. They’re commonly used to treat areas like the cheeks for volume, nasolabial folds (laugh lines), marionette lines, and even the backs of hands. Their adaptability ensures a natural result in dynamic areas.


Q11: How do RHAⓇ fillers feel once injected?

Once settled, they feel incredibly natural. Unlike other fillers that can feel firm, RHAⓇ fillers integrate seamlessly with the skin’s natural structure, ensuring the treated area feels just like the surrounding skin.


Q12: What sets Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa apart?

Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa brings a fusion of expert knowledge, state-of-the-art technology, and a deep commitment to holistic beauty and wellness. Their personalized approach ensures that each client gets treatments tailored to their needs.


Q13: Can I combine RHAⓇ fillers with other procedures?

Many patients combine RHAⓇ fillers with other treatments, such as Botox or skincare regimens. Discussing your aesthetic goals with the specialist is essential to create a comprehensive treatment plan.


Q14: Do RHAⓇ fillers look natural?

Absolutely. One of the hallmarks of RHAⓇ fillers is their ability to adapt to facial movements, ensuring that the results look and feel natural, whether you’re laughing, frowning, or simply talking.


Q15: Are there any post-procedure guidelines I should follow?

After the procedure, avoiding rubbing or massaging the treated area for 24 hours is essential. As mentioned, refrain from strenuous activities, direct sun exposure, and alcohol for a day post-procedure. If discomfort or swelling occurs, a cold compress can be gently applied.


Isn’t it time you discovered what RHAⓇ fillers can do for you? Call Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa in West Palm Beach at (561) 318-5367 to book an appointment today.