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VIP Services of Aesthetic and Botox injection at home or office in Palm Beach

Do you provide med spa services at home in Palm Beach?

Yes, we do.  Dr. Dahabra is the medical director at Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Dr. Dahabra will call you to determine if getting your med spa services at home is a good option.

Is Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa a trusted place?

Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa is the highest-rated Med Spa in Palm Beach county.  We have the highest Google, Yelp, and Trust Pilot rating of any Palm Beach spa.  We use only authentic FDA-approved products ordered from USA manufacturers only.  Dr. Dahabra is a national instructor and trainer for Botox, Fillers, and other med spa services.
Rest assured, you’ll get the best of the best in terms of quality and results.  You will get top results and minimal complications or side effects.  Your satisfaction is always our number one priority.

Do you provide Botox injections at home in Palm Beach?

Dr. Dahabra provides Botox injections at home for select individuals.  Dr. Dahabra will give you a call to figure out the eligibility and appropriateness of delivering aesthetic injections for you at your home.

Do you provide VIP at-home Aesthetic Med Spa Services?

We do have several injectors that work at our facility.  Dr. Dahabra will be the only one to provide this VIP aesthetic med spa and Botox injections services at home in Palm Beach.  Dr. Dahabra is the owner of Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa.  He likes to be personally involved in caring for the VIP clientele at home. In case you prefer a female injector or one of our other injectors, then we will be more than glad to assist you with that as well.

Do you know if your med spa services are discreet in Palm Beach?

We understand the importance of privacy for our clients and are bound by HIPPA compliance.  The staff and Dr. Dahabra will abide by the rules of HIPPA and permanently preserve the patient’s identity.  Dr. Dahabra is already providing these services to several high-profile individuals while maintaining the privacy of these clients. 

Who can provide Med Spa services at home in Palm Beach?

I need you to know that making sure the provider offering med spa services at home is qualified, licensed, and experienced in providing the specific services you want is essential.  It’s also crucial to consult your healthcare provider to determine whether in-home med spa services are safe and appropriate for your needs.

Does Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa deliver aesthetic injections at home?

Beverly Hills Med Spa is the most prestigious cosmetic and wellness service in Palm Beach.  We can deliver aesthetic injections at your home or office in Palm Beach and cater to each individual’s needs by providing a unique personalized experience.  Dr. Dahabra is an expert with many years of research and experience in the field, and he is a national instructor for the different types of Botox and filler injections.

Who are the typical patients Dr. Dahabra provides aesthetic services for at home in Palm Beach?

Dr. Dahabra provides concierge aesthetic treatment at home for various clientele.  Some of his patients are celebrities, high-profile individuals, politicians, one of their family members, or any regular citizens who prefer to get these services at home for personal reasons.

Is there an extra charge for home visits in Palm Beach?

Yes, we charge only $1,000 extra for home visits, irrespective of the number of individuals treated at each encounter. We would recommend that you have other friends or family get the treatments simultaneously, if necessary.  Each individual will then get charged for the treatments they receive, where the extra charge is only paid once.  Below is a link for the price list at our facility:





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