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Boost My Immune System

Boost My Immune System - West Palm Beach Gardens Florida

The Immune System is the cells and the antibodies that fight viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. You give yourself the best chance to overcome disease by boosting and fortifying your immune system.

The stronger it is, the better your body will win over an infection. Different types of Vitamins, supplements, and minerals will help with that.

The advantage of IV therapy is an immediate and complete infusion of the substances you need into your bloodstream. These ingredients will then diffuse into your cells directly and assist with building the blocks necessary to fight infection.

Vit C., B vitamin complex, and Zinc are the three main components needed. You can find all these ingredients in our Immune Boost formulation.
Immune boost plus is more effective and contains other minerals that strengthen the formulation. The Mineral Mix contains Manganese, Copper, Magnesium, and Selenium.
Adding the Amino Acid blend will give you the super immune Boost formula. This is our best formula and best seller for strengthening your immune system.

Two other boosters can also be added to the formulation: Glutathione, Vitamin D and  Vitamin B 12.

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