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Botox lip flip


Beverly Hills Wellness center & Med Spa is a premier Botox lip flip Center in West Palm Beach Gardens Fl area. Contouring the lips is one of the hottest trends in Aesthetic medicine nowadays. There are many different ways to contour and change the shape and the look of the neck. Surgery, fillers, and Botox are some of the tools used to achieve this.

What is Botox lip flip?

Botox lip flip West Palm Beach Gardens Fl is the process where a professional injects few units of Botox into the upper lip usually. The professional injects these units in strategic places across the border of the upper lip. The mouth muscle resides in this area, and it is called orbicularis oris. The temporary relaxation of the muscle in this area will result in flipping the upper border of the lips.

Botox will start working in a couple of days, and it causes the eversion of the upper lip. This injection is the lip flip technique with Botox.

The result is a sexy luscious lip that lasts for months without the need for lip filler. The everted lips will look bigger, fuller, and sexier.

There are a lot of pros and cons of lip flip with Botox in comparison with lip filler.


  1. Botox lip flip is more affordable
  2. Less incidence of side effects
  3. Risk of bruising and infection is almost non-existent
  4. a concise procedure with no downtime
  5. It is considered a safe procedure
  6. It is less invasive and less painful than a lip filler


  1. Botox lip flip lasts 2-3 months only whereas a lip filler can last up to a year
  2. Results are not always predictable as much as filler
  3. A professional can dissolve a lip filler if needed, whereas a Botox injection can’t be reversed. You’ll need to wait till the botox wears off naturally.

How much is Botox lip flip, and is it more affordable than lip filler?

Lip flip injection lasts 2-3 months, so you need around 4 visits a year to maintain the results year long. Each procedure is about $100. Lip filler, on the other hand, can last up to a year, and it costs around $400-$600. If the lip filler lasts you a year, then the two are comparable. However, if you need more than one lip filler injection in a particular year, then Botox lip flip becomes more economical.

Should I get a Botox lip flip or Lip filler?

Price should be a minor factor in determining your choice. Botox lip flip gives you a more contoured everted upper lip border with a minimal perception of increased lip volume and plumpiness.

Lip filler, however, gives you by far fuller lips in both upper and lower lips.

A professional will evaluate your lips and give you his/her expert advice on which might be a better choice in your case according to your anatomy and goals.

Is the lip flip done by Botox only?

No. Other neuromodulators can be used to give the same results as well. The other FDA-approved neuromodulators available in the USA in 2020 are Xeomin, Dysport, and Jeuveau(Newtox).

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