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Frown Lines


All you need to know about Frown Lines Treatment in West Palm Beach Gardens Florida

What are the other names of Frown lines ??

Frown lines are also called mad lines, Glabellar lines, or mad lines.

What are the different types of frown lines or wrinkles?

There are two types. The first one is called dynamic lines or wrinkles. These are due to muscle contraction and appears only when we frown or animate in other ways that activate the two muscles between the eyes. This area is also called Glabella. That’s why these lines are also called Glabellar lines West Palm Beach Gardens Florida. The two muscles in this area are the procerus and corrugator muscles. When we are young , our skin is very elastic and full of water, collagen, elastin, and Hyaluronic acid. The skin will revert back to its pre contraction shape and no residual wrinkle is present after.

With aging and repeated activity of these muscles, the dynamic wrinkles will change to static wrinkles. These static wrinkles will be there irrespective of any facial animation.

When we understand this transition then we can understand the rationale behind the treatments for this condition.

How do I get rid of frown lines between my eyes?

There are different treatments for these lines. These treatments are good for dynamic lines as they prevent them from transforming into static lines. Also, these are great for static lines as well to reverse the process.

How do I get rid of frown lines between my eyes?

There are different treatments for these lines. These treatments are good for dynamic lines as they prevent them from transforming into static lines. Also, these are great for static lines as well to reverse the process.

1) Avoid the sun and use sunblock: Sunblock is more effective and different than sunscreen. Sunblock contains a metal as Zinc or Titanium that physically and effectively blocks both UVA and UVB. These ingredients are more important than the SPF reading on the label. Also, apply the sunblock frequently every 3 to 4 hours especially if you are outdoors.

2) A consistent medical-grade skincare regiment: Make sure you consult with your beauty esthetician to analyze your skin and recommend the best treatment for your skin. A good regiment contains a moisturizer, an antioxidant such as Vitamin C, and a Retinol that enhances the skin cells’ turnover.

3) A regular facial that is both relaxing and healthy: The facial in West Palm Beach Gardens Florida should include microdermabrasion or dermaplanning if there is no contraindication. The purpose of these treatments is to remove the debris and dead cell layers from the upper part of your skin. This will allow the skincare products to be absorbed more efficiently and deeper into your skin.

4)Botox for mad lines West Palm Beach Gardens Florida: Around 20U of Botox Units can be injected into these lines. Botox by itself won’t erase these lines but would make them a little softer if they are deeply etched into the skin. The good thing about injecting this area is that it will open the eyes and lift the eyebrows medially. This will give you a fresh youthful look. The duration of Botox is around 2 to 6 months. Most people will need the injection every 3 to 4 months to maintain the benefits. For dynamic lines, it is important to keep this schedule to maintain these muscles in a relaxed state and prevent static wrinkles formation. For static wrinkles, a repeated regular injection will soften these lines and they’ll appear better and better with time.

5) Can frown lines be filled ?? The answer is yes and no. I personally don’t recommend filling this area as it is designated a danger zone for filler. The reason is multifaceted. The glabellar area and the forehead are limited in their blood supply and the vessels there connect with the vessels of the eye and the brain. Complications from filler occur if you injected it into a vessel or inject a lot around a vessel that forces its occlusion. A good analogy is a running water hose. You can stop the blood flow if you stuff something inside it or if you place enough weight on top of it. If this happens, then the area that is supplied by this vessel will necrose and potentially die if immediate action is not taken by an experienced provider to restore the blood flow as fast as possible. The other danger if you inject inside the vessel is the filler migration. It will float inside the vessel and act as a nucleus for a stroke as happens with a blood clot for example. If the filler travels to the ophthalmic artery, then potentially it can lead to blindness. If it travels to the brain, it cal lead to a stroke. So for all this, the answer is no.

How can it be yes then ?? An experienced injector will inject a hyaluronic acid filler as Versa, Belotero, Restylane, or Juvederm. These fillers can be dissolved by an enzyme called Hyaluronidase should a complication happens. The other precaution is to inject a small amount only and very superficially. This will prevent intravascular injection.

I do inject my patients in this area sometimes, but I make sure they understand the complication. I then inject a small amount in a superficial manner. So the goal here would be to soften these 11 lines in West Palm Beach Gardens Florida.

6)Chemical peels West Palm Beach Gardens Florida: medical-grade chemical peel as VI peel West Palm Beach Gardens Florida is a good choice to help in this area as well. You’ll need a series of peels in succession then a maintenance peel from time to time. The benefit of the peel is that you apply to many areas of the face. So this way it helps with the frown lines treatment in West Palm Beach Gardens Florida as well as other rhytids(wrinkles) of the face. it also helps with collagen formation and improves the discoloration and imperfections that you might have on your skin.

7)Radiofrequency microneedling West Palm Beach Gardens Florida: There are many different machines out there in the market nowadays. Each company claims to have the best machine and use different statements and studies to justify their claims. In my opinion, they all achieve the same results. The two factors that affect the results are the practitioner’s experience and skills and how aggressive the treatment is. The more aggressive setting would result in a little more discomfort and potentially a little more downtime, but the results would be way better. The downtime from RF microneedling is short anyways. Expect less than 24 hours downtime in most cases. Very rarely you might need more than that if you have very sensitive skin. A series of 3 treatments spread one month apart would give amazing results in almost all patients.

The treatment can be done as a stand-alone or it can be combined with PRP pr PRF for added efficacy.

8) Laser resurfacing Fraxel West Palm Beach Gardens Florida: the same as RF microneedling. There are many different machines on the market. An experienced provider will discuss the best option for you depending on your desires. Overall, the more aggressive the laser and the setting are, the more downtime, the more discomfort, the more chances of side effects, the more expensive is the treatment, but the better are the results. The less aggressive treatment will result in almost the same results but you’ll need more treatment sessions to achieve that over time. The resurfacing can be targeted towards the frown lines or you can resurface the whole face.

9) Fibroblast plasma pen West Palm Beach Gardens Florida: is one of the new treatments for wrinkles treatment in West Palm Beach. It can be used to treat wrinkles in different places of the face and body. It also helps with tightening the skin. The Plasma Pen works by converting electrical energy into electrostatic energy which is transmitted to the probe by impulse. At about 1mm from the skin, oxygen and nitrogen are mixed to produce an arc of plasma which discharges onto the epidermis. You can target only the Glabellar lines West Palm Beach Gardens Florida or you can add any other area at the same time. The downtime is around 3-5 days to allows the scabs to fall. It is important to avoid the sun during and after this period for around 2 weeks. Using Hyaluronic acid cream twice a day will improve the final result. You might achieve your goal in one treatment. However, a Plasma pen can theoretically be repeated every 2-3 months to achieve the final results.

The combination therapy of all the above is the blueprints on how to get rid of frown lines in West Palm Beach Gardens Florida. If the mad lines are superficial then the results would be faster. If they are deeply etched into the skin, then a more prolonged and diverse treatment would be needed to show a significant improvement over time.

Which fillers are best for frown lines ??

Please make sure to read the above explanation about fillers for frown lines. In my opinion, though, the best filler is Belotero. It is a hyaluronic acid filler, so it can be dissolved with an enzyme if needed. Also, Belotero has a very high viscosity. Clinically, this translates to staying in the same place where it gets injected. This is exactly what you need for wrinkle treatment with filler. You want the filler to stick to that area and not migrate. Belotero is the best filler in the market with this characteristic.

Do frown lines disappear with Botox ??

It depends on how deep these lines are. If the lines are dynamic or only very superficial, then they will disappear with Botox. If the frown lines are deep, then Botox will soften them and potentially make them disappear after more than one injection. If you follow the other treatments as well, then the results would be even better.

Is Juvederm for frown lines a good option ??

Juvederm Volbella might be a good option for frown lines. All the Juvederm line as of April 2020 are Hyaluronic acid and can be dissolved if necessary. Also, Volbella is a soft filler that is appropriate for wrinkles. The viscosity of Volbella is not as high as much as Belotero. This is why I still prefer it over Volbella.

Do you have any personal experience with 11 lines treatment? 

Do you have any questions about frown lines treatment ??

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