How do I get rid of Melasma?

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Danielle Long
October 11, 2023
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aubrey keplin
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Iliyana Buhtiyarova
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Esmira gheisary
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Page Weinstein
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Sasha A.
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How do I get rid of Melasma?

Melasma West Palm Beach Gardens Florida is sometimes called the mask of pregnancy. As it is exacerbated by pregnancy in some patients. This is due to the hormonal factor in the pathogenesis of Melasma. But, it is not only in the form of a mask and it doesn’t only occur in pregnant ladies. Melasma is the hyperpigmentation and the dark brown discoloration that appears on the face, It is one of the most stubborn forms of hyperpigmentation. There are many theories about the causes, pathogenesis, and origin of melasma in West Palm Beach Gardens Florida. There are many theories related to the origin and dysfunction in the epidermis, dermis, and skin vascularization. This is why it is difficult to treat Melasma as the real cause is not clear. Many agree it is multifactorial as well. Having said that, many treatments are available that can eliminate Melasma or at least make it look way better. Some if you are asking “How do I make Melasma go away?” West Palm Beach Gardens Florida or “How do I make Melasma go away faster?” keep on reading. This article is for you.

There is no quick fix or magic treatment for Melasma. Here is though a lot of the steps and treatments that you can have. Also, there are certain things you need to avoid.

Is Melasma different than hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is a collective name for different skin conditions that causes discoloration of dyschromia and increased areas of darker colors on the skin. Melasma is but one type of hyperpigmentation. But not all hyperpigmentations are Melasma.

Hyperpigmentation can be the result of sun damage, injury, acne, or even products or cosmetic procedures, like lasers and chemical peels.

Anything that inflames the skin can cause hyperpigmentation. Some people are prone to hyper pigment more than others especially those patients with deep skin tones which we call Fitzpatrick 4 and above.

Melasma West Palm Beach Gardens Florida also appears as a more widespread and blotchy discoloration. It is different than other types of hyperpigmentation on that aspect like PIH”post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation” or sunspots. It likes certain areas on the face like above the upper lip and looks like a mustache. Also, sometimes it appears on the cheeks and looks like a mask. It is more patchy instead of looking like circles in case of sunspots or random in case of PIH where it appears anywhere and in any shape where the face got inflamed.

What causes melasma in West Palm Beach Gardens Florida?

No one can put his finger on the exact cause of Melasma. Some of the causes are genetic. It appears more on people with parents who have had the same problem themselves.

Also, it has some hormonal component that is why it is more prevalent and appears on susceptible patients when they are pregnant or when they are on birth control pills.

Sun exposure as well either makes the Melasma come back or makes it worse in case it is already present. Solar radiations are the main activators of melanogenesis that result in hyperpigmentation. recent studies showed that not only UVA and UVB can cause this, but even VL”visible light” can be a catalyst as well.

Recent studies showed that different environmental pollutants can cause oxidative stress on the cells causing inflammation and PIH

What are the best treatments for Melasma in West Palm Beach Gardens Florida

The main treatments for Melasma are topical products. Melasma is very difficult to treat, and there is no cure. It’s a chronic condition. Some topical treatments work well for most people. There is, unfortunately, a very small group of people that are very resistant to any different type of Melasma treatment. These are the exceptions though and the vast majority of patients respond to one or other treatment.

1.Physical sunscreen containing zinc or titanium dioxide

The most important step in Melasma treatment is avoiding the sun and using a Sunscreen. Any treatment for Melasma that ignores this step would fail. Again, nothing would work if you don’t avoid the sun and use a strong physical sunscreen. A physical sunscreen will scatter and protect you from both UVA and UVB. The regular sunscreen won’t do that. When your melasma is treated and reduced, it is of utmost importance to avoid the sun during peak hours and to use a high-quality physical sunblock. If this rule is not followed, the melasma will simply come back roaring without delay. I have some patients that go on vacation to come back accompanied by their melasma. All their hard work and treatments for melasma that they received need to start again from scratch.

Some patients with severe cases of melasma need to wear sunscreen during the day even if they are indoors. This subset of patients is susceptible to any kind of visible light even the artificial indoor lighting.

2.Skin-care products designed to treat hyperpigmentation

Many products cause the lightening and brightening of the skin. The most known are the Hydroquinone ones. But products that contain Retinoids are useful for this purpose as well. Others are ones that inhibit pigment production like Tranexamic acid and Kojic acid.

All of the above products are key to successful Melasma treatment in West Palm Beach Gardens Florida.

Hydroquinone has a side effect of making your skin blue-gray in color for a prolonged time. That is why it is not a DIY at home product. Unfortunately, there are a lot of black market and illegal ways to get it. It is important to avoid that as your Dr. is the only one who is qualified to monitor what concentration is useful for you and for how long.

3.Chemical peels

Chemical peels West Palm Beach Gardens Florida are a double-edged sword when it comes to melasma, a peel that’s too strong or inappropriate for your skin type can make melasma worse. If it causes a lot of inflammation as well it can leave you with PIH”post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation” on top of your melasma and worsen the melasma as well. That is why it is very important to start with a mild peel with low concentration and work your way up. Remember, melasma is a chronic stubborn condition that requires a step by step approach. Start low and go slow is the name of the game when it comes to melasma. Try otherwise and you might lose the battle.

ViPeel and Revepeel are one of the reputable medical grade peels that have special types of peels specifically designed to treat melasma. The process is to have a chemical peel at the Dr’s office followed by a daily skin regimen at home till it is time to get your next at office peel. The home products usually contain ingredients (like azelaic acid, kojic acid, phytic acid, pyruvic acid, and titanium dioxide) that suppress the body’s melanin production and increase cell turnover to minimize melanin that’s already become visible on the skin’s surface.

Patients should be very careful and avoid sunlight especially when they are applying these medical-grade chemical peels and skincare products. These treatments make their skin extra sensitive to UVA and UVB.


Like chemical peels, the lasers that work for other hyperpigmentation don’t always work for melasma and some can worsen the condition. For melasma, some lasers like Palomar Lux 1540 with long-wavelength is good to target the hyperpigmentation that is found deep in the dermis. This way the skincare products help with the superficial epidermal pigments and the 1540 Fraxel West Palm Beach Gardens Florida works deeper into the dermis. The trick here is to start with a low conservative setting. The aggressive laser can have the counterproductive results of making the melasma worse.

It is important to note that not all patients respond favorably to laser treatments. That is why it is also important to start with test spots in some patients to monitor their response.


It only makes sense that antioxidants would help in Melasma. Recent studies showed the involvement of oxidative stress in the pathogenesis and worsening of melasma. Topical, oral, and IV antioxidants are all good adjunctive treatments to help treat melasma. Natural supplements that contain Polypodium leucotomos extract West Palm Beach Gardens Florida are good examples of antioxidant substances that help the body and the skin. Trade names are Fernblock West Palm Beach Gardens Florida and Heliocare West Palm Beach Gardens Florida.

Melasma Dos & Don’ts: 

  • Use a physical blocking sunscreen every day—rain or shine, indoors and out.
  • Avoid sun exposure.
  • Avoid hormone-secreting birth-control methods, if possible.
  • Use pigment-inhibiting skin-care products.
  • Avoid situations where you get very hot—for example, in a sauna.
  • Avoid infrared heat.
  • Be careful when it comes to laser treatments
  • Avoid any cosmetic treatment that causes inflammation.