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How does Botox in West Palm Beach Gardens work?


To answer this question, we need to understand the neuromuscular transmission pathway to be able to answer this question. The brain is the center of all commands. The order to do something starts there. The signal from the brain needs to transcend down and reach the muscle fibers to tell them what to do. This signal is in the form of small vesicles that carry the neurotransmitters(messengers in them), mainly Acetylcholine(Ach). These vesicles reach the end of the neuron and release the messengers in the space between the nerve and the muscle. The transmitter then attaches to the receptor of the muscles to start another cascade of communication.

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Botox and other neuromodulators act by blocking and depleting these vesicles. This, in turn, prevents the crossing of the Ach from the nerve to the muscle. With no means of communication between the nerve and the muscle, the tissue remains in its dormant resting state  So how do the wrinkles disappear if the muscles don’t contract?

The wrinkles that are formed from muscle contraction are called dynamic lines. This means they appear with the contraction and then disappear after. The skin follows the shape and the contour of this contraction. With time, the skin starts to take the form of these contractions permanently. This means that these dynamic wrinkles begin to change to Static lines.

This is why Botox is as essential to treat these static wrinkles to prevent them. The earlier you start preventative treatment with Botox, the less chance of forming these static wrinkles at a young age.

A contracted muscle forces the skin to fold and wrinkle. A relaxed one softens and relaxes the skin above it.

Professional injector targets certain areas and muscles on the face to block their contraction. Botox is used mainly for three areas. The glabella also called the eleven lines or mad lines. Injecting this area gives you a fresh happy look. The second area is the Crow’s feet around the eyes which would eliminate all these lines and wrinkles that show when you smile or squint. The third area is the forehead which is a great area to target to get rid of these waves and lines in that

So why does it take Botox a few days to kick in?

Botox needs to diffuse and enter the nerve cell. Then it has to attach to all these vesicles that carry the messengers, deplete them, and prevent then from carrying the Ach to the nerve ending. This process takes a few days and differs from one person to another slightly.

With time, the Botox molecules start to be metabolized by the body. At the same time, the tissues and cells start to produce new batches of vesicles and the neurotransmitter Ach. Slowly, the transmission resumes and with that, the signal comes back from the nerve to the muscle to start contracting again. This process takes about two to six months. It is the time to get the next maintenance dose of your favorite magical medication.

Dr. Dahabra at Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa in West Palm Beach Gardens, Fl is a master Botox injector.

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