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Liposuction In West Palm Beach, Florida


Beverly Hills Medi Spa Now Offers Liposuction

Liposuction is a procedure that removes localized fat to create a slender and better-fit figure. Different techniques can be used depending on the targeted area and the physician’s preference. Dr. Dahabra specializes in various liposuction approaches tailored to meet individual desires.

What is the process of Liposuction in West Palm Beach, Florida?

The following is what to expect throughout the process:

You start with a consultation with Dr. Dahabra to go over your specific goals and best options for you.

Get the necessary lab tests or medical clearance if needed from your primary Doctor.

Book a date for your procedure and get your prescriptions for necessary medications.

Take your medications in the medical office 30 minutes before your start time.

We will take your before photos as well as mark the liposuction areas.

The first step of Liposuction is numbing the skin with tumescent local anesthesia.

The fat aspiration phase will start after your skin is numb.



The last stage is to apply j-plasma to tighten the tissues.

Best Neck and Arms Liposuction West Palm Beach Gardens Florida

The Doctor or one of his assistants will apply dressings after.

Recover and relax for sometime before you are ready to leave.

Post-op lymphatic massage is very crucial for successful results.

After few weeks, you will start seeing your results.

Follow up with the Doctor.

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