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Non Surgical Liquid Nose Job Rhinoplasty in West Palm Beach Gardens Fl


In the past, the only way you could get a change in the nose shape was surgery ( Rhinoplasty).

Since the start of the new century and the rise of dermal fillers, a new era of a non-surgical nose job West Palm Beach Gardens Fl or liquid nose job West Palm Beach Gardens Fl became more popular.

non surgical nose job

Best Non-Surgical Liquid Nose Job Rhinoplasty in West Palm Beach Gardens Fl

Non-Surgical Liquid Nose Job Rhinoplasty in West Palm Beach Gardens Fl

So what is a non-surgical nose job in West Palm Beach Gardens, Fl?

Non-surgical nose job is a procedure where dermal filler or Botox is used to make the nose straighter, smoother, or make it look smaller. This procedure is called lunchtime nose job West Palm Beach Gardens Fl because it takes less than 30 min to complete, and the results are instant and amazing.

How safe is this procedure?

With an experienced injector, this procedure is safe and almost painless. However, nose injections are of the most, if not the most, delicate procedures due to the limited blood supply to the nose. In the wrong hands, this procedure can be dangerous. Ask your provider about their experience injecting dermal fillers and mainly non-surgical rhinoplasty West Palm Beach Gardens, Fl.

How long does it last?

It depends on the filler used. Most hyaluronic acid-based fillers last around one year. Dr. Dahabra prefers Restylane lift for this area. It is a Hyaluronic acid filler. This feature adds to safety. Dr. Dahabra can dissolve this filler with a medication called Hyaluronidase if needed. Also, Restylane lift West Palm Beach Gardens Fl is a thick filler giving great structure and support for the nose.

How long is the recovery?

Remember it’s also called the lunchtime nose job? Most people have no downtime and go right back to work. On rare occasions, some people might experience bruising, which subsides in few days.

Who is the ideal candidate for this procedure?

The ideal candidate has a pronounced hump or bumps on the nose that is more apparent when looking at the face’s profile. Mildly crooked noses can also be corrected by fixing sharp angles.

Who is not a candidate for this procedure?

If the nose is too big, thick, or broken, this procedure won’t be helpful, and surgery will be recommended.

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