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Temple Filler


All you need to know about Temples Filler

Can you have fillers in your temple in West Palm Beach Gardens Florida?
Fillers in the temple area is a controversial topic. Filling this area carries a certain risk. That is why some practitioners either don’t treat this area ever, or very rarely. But, the short answer to the above question is yes.
What you need to do is to find an expert Doctor who is comfortable and willing to do the procedure.

What does filler in your temples do ??

Fillers in the temple area in West Palm Bech Gardens Florida will fill the loss of volume and the void that happens either with weight loss or from aging. Some people also have a deficit in this area naturally and would like to fill this area. Filling the temples will give you a more youthful look. Also, it has a minor lifting effect that enhances the benefit. It will erase the skeletonized sunken look that a severe volume loss in this area might create. These are some of the temple filler benefits.

Is filler in temples dangerous?

The temple is a vascular area. Here you find the temporal artery and vessels. Injecting the filler into the vessels or creating a lot of pressure on it can result in disastrous complications. Also, the skull bone here is thin and overzealous push of the filler needle or cannula can easily go through this bone resulting potentially in brain infection or bleed. These are some of the temple fillers side effects.
These complications are very rare though and an expert injector knows how to easily avoid all of them.

What is the best filler for temples?

Honestly, you should look for the best injector for the temples, not the best filler. The reason for that is because many different fillers can be injected successfully resulting in amazing results in great hands.  The injection in this area can be either supra osseous, where the filler is laid on top of the bones. Or, it can be subdermal where the filler is injected just under the skin at the appropriate anatomic plane.  Also, an expert injects stays away from the temporal vessels and chooses the right spot on the temple to inject the filler.
Radiesse and Juvederm Voluma are great in case of a big volume deficit and there is a need for a lift. Versa, Juvederm Ultra, and Restylane are other options, especially for subdermal injection. Also, Bellafil which is a long-lasting filler up to 5 years can be used here.

How do you hide sunken temples?

Filling the temples with Dermal Filler West Palm Beach Gardens Florida would eliminate the need to hide the sunken temples.
If you are not able or not willing to undergo this procedure for whatever reason, then there are many different ways to hide them.
Using your hair to cover the area is one option.

Do fillers make your face saggy ??

Dermal fillers usually do the opposite and lift your face. This is especially true if you get injected by an experienced injector. The injector will choose the right kind of filler and the right injection technique to give you a subtle facelift.
Why do my temples look sunken?
There are three main reasons for this:
1) Genetic and the way each one of us looks different
2) Weight loss especially if severe

How much does temple filler cost?

Temple Fillers in West Palm Beach Gardens Florida cost varies widely depending on geographic location, the facility, and the filler used.
When shopping for a temple filler, make sure the cost is not the top priority. Finding an expert injector physician should be the most important determining factor.
The complication rate from filler injections is rare but could be disastrous.
Make sure you strike a balance between safety and expertise and finding a deal.


Can Voluma be used in temples?

Voluma West Palm Beach Gardens can be used in temples. Other fillers can be used here as well. It is not about what filler can be used here, it is all about how a certain filler is used, the amount, the injection technique, and other factors that an experienced injector takes into consideration while injecting this area.
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