Microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation of the outermost skin layer using a device that has two main components. The first is the tip which has an abrasive material like diamond which we use at our clinic. The other is the suction mechanism which sucks in all the dead skin and the debris.


  • • Sunlight damage
  • • Rough skin texture
  • • Wrinkles
  • • Hyper pigmentation
  • • Enlarged pores
  • • All forms of Acne without pustules
  • • Acne scars
  • • Dry skin
  • • And most important it is great to enhance the penetration of your expensive skin products. Usually most of your applied topical products won’t be able to diffuse to the inner skin because of the barrier layer of skin call Stratum Corneum. MDA cleans and remove this dead skin layer allowing deeper penetration and enhanced efficacy of your topical skin treatments.

Best results

Best Results are usually achieved after six treatments that are around 2-4 weeks apart. After that treatment is recommended every 4-6 weeks but not later than 2 months to maintain your results. The skin products that improves the results depend on the indication of the treatment.

  • • For Sunlight damage it is good to use Hydroxy acids as lactic and glycolic acid and for lightening use Kojic acid, hydroquinone, or arbutus.
  • • For acne it is great to supplement treatment with topical solutions that contain Salicylic acid
  • • For fine lines it is important to use hyaluronic acid, allantoin and/or glycerin.

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