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Danielle Long
Danielle Long
October 11, 2023
I had my first ever Botox injections today with Dr. Dahabra. From the moment I walked through the door the staff were fantastic and made me feel welcomed. Dr. Dahabra answered all of my questions and was wonderful with easing my first-timer jitters. Turns out Botox does not hurt nearly as bad as I was expecting, or maybe Dr. Dahabra is just that good. Results are still pending, but I had a great experience and will definitely return for other services.
aubrey keplin
aubrey keplin
October 5, 2023
Lauren K was the best! She was very accommodating to my schedule and made me feel confident and comfortable in my treatment! I drove all the way from Fort Lauderdale to WPB to go to her and I would make the drive every time!!
Iliyana Buhtiyarova
Iliyana Buhtiyarova
September 30, 2023
Absolutely love this place! Very clean and neat. The staff is very kind, Dr Dhabra is so kind, gentle and professional. His skills are far beyond my expectations!! I did my first time Botox and I am so happy I put my trust in him. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The only place that has so many positive reviews that are actually accurate!! Can’t wait to use more services there.
Esmira gheisary
Esmira gheisary
September 28, 2023
The best MedSpa salon with very professional and friendly stuff. Thank you!
Page Weinstein
Page Weinstein
September 23, 2023
I love this place! I am deathly afraid of needles (I actually pass out every time) but the Dr. is so amazing! He is so professional, patient with me and amazing in his care! I have been going here for years, even when I moved away to Pennsylvania, I still come back to get my Botox done here! I highly recommend!
Sasha A.
Sasha A.
September 19, 2023
I’ve been coming to Beverly Hills Wellness for 2 years now and working with Lena. About a year ago, I started getting the worse acne I’ve ever had in my adult life. Lena evaluated my face and suggested a few facial treatments to remove the acne and clear my skin. Fast forward to a year later now, my skin has returned to its normal smooth texture and I rarely get any breakouts. I accomplished all this my religiously coming every month and working with Lena. She’s a lifesaver that completely saved my skin when I didn’t know what else to do! BHWC is my go to for all my beauty treatments now! Love it!

Retinol West Palm Beach Gardens Florida

We find ourselves compelled to look for the “elixir of youth” with each birthday. Among the various serums and creams that promise plumping, moisturizing, collagen-boosting, and flawless skin, one standby always seems to reign: Retinol in West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Some people are skeptical about Retinol products’ hype. Potential side effects surrounding its use are skin dryness and itchiness. Some say that it potentially can make the skin more susceptible to sun damage. I feel the duty to write about this topic to clarify all the misconceptions surrounding the product and its use.

What Exactly Are Retinoids West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida?
Topical vitamin A-based drugs called retinoids are the most used and studied anti-aging compounds. Tretinoin, under the brand name Retin-A, a first-generation retinoid, was first used orally for the treatment of acne in the 1940s. It was used as an acne treatment in the 1970s, but researchers later discovered that it also had shown promising therapeutic effects for other skin conditions. It has also proven to fade pigmentation and speed up the turnover of superficial skin cells.

Retinol West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, is one of the best-known skin care ingredients in the market. An over-the-counter (OTC) version of retinoids, Retinol, are vitamin A derivatives primarily used to treat anti-aging concerns as well as acne. Retinol is not the same product as more potent prescription retinoids. Retinol has many potential skincare benefits but a few necessary precautions to consider. Curious about whether Retinol could be a beneficial addition to your skincare routine? Learn more about this crucial ingredient below.

Retinoids West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, also come with a million questions and concerns, along with their special powers to diminish fine lines, give skin a rosy glow, and fade dark spots. One of the biggest concerns is deciphering the differences between R-words: Retinol, retinoic acid, retinyl, etc.

  1. Retinoid Esters (retinyl palmitate, retinyl acetate): weakest in the retinoid family, but a good option for beginners or sensitive skin types.
  2. Retinol: has fewer side effects than retinoic acid, converts on the cellular level of the skin, thus taking several months to a year for visible results.
  3. Retinoic acid (Retin-A, or tretinoin): works significantly faster than Retinol since no conversion in the skin needs to occur. Hence, when applied directly to the skin can show the effect much quicker.

How Does Retinol in West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida Work?
Retinoids are commonly used in cosmetic products due to their effectiveness in regulating epithelial cell growth and differentiation. Retinoids, which are lipophilic molecules, exert this effect by diffusing through cellular membranes. Once they are inside the cells, they bind to specific nuclear receptors and modulate the expression of the genes involved in cellular proliferation and differentiation. Retinoids naturally occur in the skin, with retinol and retinyl esters being the most abundant form. Conversion of Retinol to the active form involves oxidation to retinaldehyde, which is then oxidized to form the active tretinoin.
So they enhance the skin’s cellular turnover and rejuvenation. It sheds the old skin faster, so we got newer, fresher skin layers in its place.

Other Actions of Retinols in West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Retinoids may also exert a biological effect independent of binding to nuclear receptors and skin’s turnover. These actions include ultraviolet (UV) absorption and antimicrobial, antioxidant, and pigment activities.

Ultraviolet filter
Retinoid molecules contain a side chain with conjugated double bonds that absorb UV light. Animal studies have shown natural retinoids to prevent UVB-induced apoptosis and DNA photodamage effectively. Retinyl palmitate was as efficient as SPF 20 in preventing UVB-induced redness and sunburn.

Antibacterial activity
Retinaldehyde compounds are highly reactive, explaining their antibacterial action independent of nuclear receptors. In comparison to retinoic acid and Retinol, retinaldehyde was the only retinoid to possess antibacterial activity. Studies revealed that 0.05% retinaldehyde applied to the forehead and forearm correlated with decreases in bacterial counts when used for two weeks.

Retinoids exert free radical scavenging activity. Retinaldehyde 0.05% prevented peroxidation of epidermal lipids when it was applied topically.

Pigmentation actions
Retinoids have been used as bleaching agents in specific preparations. Tretinoin, for example, has been successfully used with hydroquinone for depigmentation of the skin. Retinoids also treat pigmentary disorders such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma, and sunspots.

The Benefits of Retinols in West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

  1. The tiny molecules that make up Retinol go deep beneath the epidermis to the dermis. Once in this middle layer of skin, Retinol helps neutralize free radicals to boost collagen and elastin production. This reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores.
  2. Retinol can also help treat severe acne and related scarring.
  3. It helps keep pores unclogged by creating comedolytic agents to help prevent the formation of comedones or blemishes.
  4. Finally, Retinol has also been proven to balance skin hydration levels. Mild exfoliating effects help remove dead skin cells that may lead to moisture loss.
  5. This may even benefit oily skin by controlling excess sebum production.
  6. Since retinoids stimulate collagen production, it helps to thicken the skin. This is beneficial because one of the natural signs of getting older is thinning the skin.
  7. Most people assume the delicate eye area is too sensitive for retinoid use. Nevertheless, this is the area where wrinkles show up first and can benefit the most from the collagen-stimulating effects of retinoids but in milder strength. If you’re sensitive around your eyes, you can always layer on an eye cream first, followed by your retinoid.

Suppose you’re interested in treating or taking preventive measures for wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, scarring, and more. In that case, your late 20s or early 30s is a great age to start with over-the-counter Retinol or tretinoin. Around this age, the body begins to produce less collagen, less rapidly than in our earlier years. Of course, it also depends on your lifestyle and how much sun damage you have accumulated in those years! Retinoids are known for having positive effects on both aging and acne-prone skin. Retinol is the most accessible form of retinoids and the best choice for sensitive skin.

The Side Effects to Note of Retinols in West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

There are side effects with both Retinol and retinoids, but they’re temporary, lasting around three to four weeks before the skin gets accustomed to it.

  • People who use Retinol commonly experience dry and irritated skin, redness, itchiness, and peeling skin during initial use. A possible solution is to decrease the application to every other day in a pea size and gradually build up your skin’s tolerance to Retinol before moving to daily use.
  • Retinoids also initially increase the skin’s sensitivity to ultraviolet light. But after a few months of regular use, that sensitivity dissipates. So, all you have to do is make sure you’re wearing sunscreen every day, which we should all be doing anyway.
  • Retinols are NOT recommended for pregnant women, and they may increase the risk for birth defects and miscarriage.

Each drug has its benefits and potential side effects. It is crucial for you and your physician to understand these actions. Using the medication properly will ensure the best help with limited side effects.

It is also vital to use quality products. The cosmetic industry is not regulated, unfortunately, in the USA. It is crucial to consult with your skincare specialist to make sure you use something that will help in the long term.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Dahabra in case of any questions about your skincare.
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