There are different kinds of Acne depending on appearance and cause. Also, the severity of Acne will vary from one patient to another. Dr. Dahabra will evaluate your condition and will design a treatment plan that fits your unique situation and skin type. 

Always remember that the earlier that you treat acne, the less chance you might get permanent acne scarring. With treatment, the skin might get worse at the beginning before you start seeing improvement in around 2 to 3 months. Remember that acne can be a chronic condition that might require a prolonged treatment period. Also, combination therapy is an excellent way to tackle this condition from different angles. This approach will increase the success rate tremendously. Beverly Hills Wellness Center and Med Spa is an Acne treatment Center right here in West Palm Beach.

Treatment Options

  • • Elimination diet protocol
    • Chemical Peels as ViPeel
    • Skin care products appropriate for Acne
    • Topical antibiotic
    • Oral antibiotic as Minocycline
    • Topical Retinoid(Vit A): Tretinoin Retin A
    • Local or systemic steroids: if severe inflammation and for a short period
    • Hormone therapy as Spironolactone
    • Special Herbs
    • Microdermabrasion
    • Photodynamic therapy
    • Laser therapy

    Call us to learn about your options for Acne treatment in West Palm Beach’s Beverly Hills Wellness Center And Med Spa.

    Dr. Dahabra is an Acne Treatment Specialist conveniently located close to you in West Palm Beach. He will give you a free consult to evaluate your condition.

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